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Pet (or paw) parents will know how heartbreaking it is to see their furbabies in pain or discomfort.

However, being independent and active little critters, our fluffy friends are sure to find themselves in some painful situations every now and then.

This could lead to superficial wounds or sometimes, conditions that are more serious.

A vet visit is a must for the latter, but for the former, a bit of TLC (tender loving care) tends to work well enough.

With that philosophy of gentle healing in mind, husband-and-wife duo, Darren and Yen Teng, started Curobuddy, a pet skincare brand, with their best buddy Euro at the centre of it all.

Wanting the best for their furbaby

Euro suffers from ongoing skin issues, which range from infection to hair loss, hot spots, wounds, and more.

Desperately trying to find a product that worked for their dog, Yen Teng and Darren stumbled upon a home remedy using mangosteen skin extract.

Yen Teng with Euro, modelling with their products / Image Credit: Curobuddy

Intrigued, they did more digging and learnt that the compounds found in mangosteen skin extract have high antioxidant properties and a strong remedial effect on skin.

Just Googling “mangosteen pericarp healing” will show you the research that has been done thus far, and many skincare brands (local or otherwise) have taken to the ingredient for their own products.

Convinced that this could be the cure they were looking for, Yen Teng and Darren decided to further refine the process of turning mangosteen skin into a beneficial ingredient and making it pet-friendly.

On May 4, 2022, Curobuddy was officially launched (with the founders playfully pointing out a pop culture reference with a twist, “May the ‘paws’ be with you!”).

Using mangosteen for healing

In dogs specifically, PetMD reported that there are over 160 recorded skin disorders, but this was a 2011 statistic, therefore this number might have grown since then.

While some cause mild irritation, others can lead to chronic difficulties. Yen Teng and Darren believe that paw parents have to be proactive in handling skin issues before they develop into an incurable disorder, or before the pet transfers their skin problems (zoonotic diseases) to you.

This is where their key product, a wound healing spray called Regen Care Spray, comes into play. According to the team, it is antimicrobial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, chemical-free, and all-natural.

It can be used for skin issues, cuts, wounds, and to help with after-surgery healing.

The core ingredient in the Regen Care Spray is, of course, the mangosteen skin extract, DermaXan. 

Originating from Malaysian biotechnology company, Furley Bioextracts Sdn Bhd, DermaXan is derived by using proprietary technology that allows the maximum extraction of active components with minimum waste.

By paw parents, for paw parents

According to Curobuddy’s website, their products, including the Regen Care Spray, have vet-approved ingredients which aren’t painful when sprayed on infected skin, nor are they harmful if licked.

While the individual ingredients they use appear to be deemed safe, their products aren’t lab-tested due to ethical reasons regarding animal cruelty.

Thus, instead of doing animal testing, the founders shared that Curobuddy is actually tested on humans.

With Yen Teng and Darren being paw parents themselves though, customers likely have more peace of mind, since the duo only want to create holistic, trustworthy products for Euro and other pets.

The three products Curobuddy has / Image Credit: Curobuddy

Partnering experts, they work with a small manufacturing facility to make sure all products are produced, bottled, and packaged in a clean and hygienic environment.

Commitment to curing pet ailments

Creating products of this nature, let alone in an underpenetrated sector in Malaysia, pet skincare, requires lots of commitment, something that Yen Teng and Darren are clearly giving to Curobuddy.

However, Curobuddy is actually more of a bootstrapped passion project for them. When not working on Curobuddy, Darren runs Ice Dreams Cafe (IDC), a pet-friendly ice cream cafe in Damansara Kim, while Yen Teng holds a job at Meta Malaysia.

It took two to three years to mull over and plan their passion project, but the pet lovers were driven to see it through by a desire to contribute to the pet community.

They hope to give even more back to the community too, by making RM1 donations to pet welfare organisations for every purchase made by customers, while reaching out to more for long-term partnerships.

This is one of their goals for the near future, and to further boost the growth of Curobuddy, they plan to do community building and ensure that they have a strong digital presence.

Creating and launching new pet skincare products is in the pipeline too, of course. 

For now, their three main products, the Regen Care Spray, Pet Deodorizer, and Antibacterial Spray can be bought online from their website and Shopee store, or in-person if you catch them at community and pet bazaars.

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Featured Image Credit: Curobuddy

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