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EcoFlow, a power-generating and storing unicorn startup has ventured into Southeast Asia.

Setting its virtual flagship store on Shopee and Lazada, it has already made its mark in Malaysia and Singapore.

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To do so, it has created two series of portable power stations, home batteries, and solar panels. These power stations come built-in with plug points, including USB and USB-C outlets.

While the primary purpose of its products is to provide critical backup power during power outages, EcoFlow can also be used for outdoor purposes, such as camping and fishing, as well as professional use for photography and filming or in construction sites.

Foraying into Malaysia

Power outages are not uncommon in Malaysia. As such, home batteries are also not in short supply. A quick search on either Shopee or Lazada will pull up a variety of different options at various price points.

While this means that the space is quite competitive, it may also mean that the local market is ready for products such as EcoFlow’s.             

Image Credit: EcoFlow

“SEA is one of the parts of the big puzzle in which we can find huge potential here, in terms of outdoor, professional, and essential home needs,” the EcoFlow team told Vulcan Post.

However, outside of using it as backup during outages, Malaysians might not see the need for EcoFlow products as a complete alternative meant for daily usage.

Image Credit: EcoFlow

Plus, installing solar energy is still rather inaccessible to the masses in Malaysia, perhaps due to unfamiliarity with the products

Yet, the EcoFlow team is optimistic that Malaysians are making “huge progress” when it comes to switching from traditional energy usage to more eco-friendly energy.

“It won’t be a short-term thing,” the team continued. “What we can do is to keep introducing and educating the market with our innovative products.”

Catering to different audiences

It may seem like EcoFlow has some lofty goals, but its inspiration is simple—the team just wanted to offer more options for consumers because individuals always have their own needs for accessing energy.

“From our side, we just want to offer more options for the end consumers to make their decisions from low capacity to high,” EcoFlow said. “In order to enter a market, of course, we will do our research first to identify the very initial needs.”

The startup’s research has led them to create two series: DELTA and RIVER.

The DELTA series has a bigger battery capacity compared to the RIVER series, making it apt to be used as backup power for homes and off-grid situations.

There are two DELTA products available on Lazada currently—DELTA and DELTA Max. The original prices are RM7,999 and RM14,999 respectively.

Image Credit: EcoFlow

Smaller in capacity and size, the RIVER series makes for a truly portable experience and is capable of powering things such as small cooking equipment to camera gear. They charge by AC, solar, and car, and are ideal for camping.

RIVER, RIVER Max, and RIVER Pro are available on EcoFlow’s Lazada flagship store now. The prices are RM2,940, RM3,800, and RM4,300 respectively.

Image Credit: EcoFlow

According to the team, there are a few factors that set EcoFlow apart from its competitors. This includes its patented X-Stream technology, which reportedly enables fast rechargeability that brings the power stations from 0% to 80% in an hour.

The power stations also come with a battery management system that can measure real-time voltage, current, and temperature, and condition the battery accordingly for the best performance.

They’re also fitted with customisability, with optional extra batteries available for RIVER, RIVER Pro, DELTA MAX, and DELTA Pro.

EcoFlow products come with an app that allows users to control the power stations remotely too.

Flowing into the future

While climate change continues to be a crisis, EcoFlow has found a willing and eco-conscious audience abroad, considering its unicorn status and remarkable growth phase.  

Beyond sustainability, EcoFlow’s demographic has expanded to also cater to campers and, more specifically, glampers.

Image Credit: EcoFlow

But will this market positioning work for Malaysians?

“I think we are always listening to the market and always willing to put effort to make it happen,” the team said.

On top of that, the startup said it’s trying to make connections with governmental organisations and NGOs.

This makes sense, as EcoFlow’s goals align with the government’s target to reach 31% of renewable energy share in the national installed capacity mix by 2025.

  • Learn more about EcoFlow here.

Featured Image Credit: EcoFlow

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