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E-commerce is a rising industry in the world, and Singapore alone currently has more than three million e-commerce users. In 2021, the e-commerce market was valued at US$5.9 billion, and this figure is set to almost double to US$10 billion by 2026.

With e-commerce, an efficient delivery service is crucial in ensuring that customers receive their purchased products in good condition and a timely manner.

However, this isn’t always a given and customers can sometimes face a plethora of issues: packages arriving late or not at all, packages being lost in transit, or even being delivered to the wrong location – and this is assuming that the packages even make it out for delivery in the first place.

Fortunately, these are issues that can be easily avoided. Lalamove can provide businesses with a range of logistics solutions, from account management and corporate accounts, through to multi-stop deliveries and refrigerated lorries for fresh produce.

With Lalamove, businesses no longer need to worry about managing logistics themselves, as they can simply leverage on their expertise instead.

Timely and quality delivery is key to retaining customers

angie tempeh
Angie’s Tempeh team / Image credit: Angie Leong

Angie Leong, the co-founder of Angie’s Tempeh, found logistics to be one of the biggest obstacles to her growing business due to the fragile nature of her product. Tempeh cultures require specific temperatures, and if not properly cared for after harvesting – especially during transit – they can spoil before reaching their intended customer.

Evidently, she would need to find a way to ensure that deliveries were made in a timely manner to uphold the quality of her product. However, planning out delivery routes with multiple stops is not exactly an easy task.  

Back in 2020, when I was starting out, I did not know of Lalamove and hired a private driver to make deliveries to my customers. However, because of the long delivery routes, the driver would not be able to fully deliver the tempeh to my customers. At times, the tempeh would also overheat in the driver’s car whilst in transit, thus spoiling my product before it could reach my customers.”

– Angie Leong, co-founder of Angie’s Tempeh

Thanks to Lalamove’s 61,000 drivers in Singapore, coupled with their fleet of refrigerated lorries, Angie no longer needs to worry about her deliveries as her tempeh is kept fresh and will not spoil en route. 

On top of this, Lalamove also has features such as real-time tracking and route optimisation, all of which help to ensure that no matter how far the delivery is, it will take no more than 55 minutes to complete.

It is because I take so much pride in the quality and experience of delivering tempeh to my customers that they continuously come back to Angie’s Tempeh. If there was no Lalamove, Angie’s Tempeh would not be as successful as it is today.

– Angie Leong, co-founder of Angie’s Tempeh

The telehealth industry has also benefited from reliable delivery partners

Telehealth companies like Speedoc rely on timely medicine deliveries to ensure their patients get the best possible care in the comfort of their own homes. After a video consultation or a house visit, patients often require medication, so a reliable delivery partner is essential to their daily business operations. 

A typical house call/ Image Credit: Speedoc

Logistics services are an integral part of the telehealth industry because our decentralised model requires delivery of medication to our customers. We do more than 200 deliveries a day.

– Anton Myroshnychenko, Chief Operating Officer of Speedoc

Speedoc recognised early on that their business relied on providing many deliveries of medications every day, and this was not a task that would be easy to plan or execute. As such, Speedoc has always seen value in reliable logistics providers, and they are currently partnering with Lalamove to help manage their large volume of daily deliveries.

Lalamove has effectively helped Speedoc deliver medication to patients. Each individual delivery is accounted for through Lalamove’s e-signature feature. Doctors simply need to dispense and pack the prescribed medicine before it’s collected by Lalamove for delivery.

As for patients, they can rest easy at home, knowing that their medication is on the way and they do not have to suffer the discomfort of going out to collect the medicine when they are feeling unwell. 

Evidently, Lalamove’s logistical services fill an important gap for many companies, but this is just the surface of what Lalamove has.  Larger teams and companies can create one overall corporate account and then give access to multiple users to ensure everyone is kept up to date.

There is also an account management team to provide recommendations on the best routes,  additional services and efficient manpower planning for lean teams. 

To top it off, Lalamove also provides monthly statements so that businesses can easily track their costs.

With so many businesses going online, time is of the essence. After all, it’s not just your company that wants to get customers’ attention, but also your competitors, so check out Lalamove’s features to help your business win.

Start focusing on what you do best and download the Lalamove app to discover how Lalamove can optimise your business. To sweeten the deal, you can enjoy up to 30 per cent off your deliveries with the promo code ‘LALABIZ’.

This article was written in collaboration with Lalamove.

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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