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[This is a sponsored article with Colgate Malaysia.]

We’ve all heard about the importance of flossing every day. Not doing so is said to cause plaque buildup along the gum line, which may later lead to tooth decay and gum problems due to harmful bacteria. 

It might be why dentists associate bleeding gums with not flossing enough. 

Brushing alone may not reach deep enough to remove debris, and flossing is supposed to do a better job of lifting the plaque and remaining food particles between your teeth.

While I am aware of these facts, it isn’t a habit of mine to floss each day. I find it messy, getting my fingers all up inside my mouth when using string or floss picks.

To achieve the ideal oral health, water picks (otherwise called water flossers) would be my best bet. Although, they can be too bulky, as they tend to have a water tank attached and must be plugged into a wall socket.

So, when Colgate Malaysia approached us to test its portable, lightweight Colgate Water Flosser for five days, it seemed like a preferable solution. 

Washing away my doubts

The device’s box was packed with one unit of the pink Colgate Water Flosser, two nozzles, one USB-C charging cord, a drawstring bag, and an instruction manual.

I first had to charge up the Colgate Water Flosser’s 1,500mAH battery. According to the brand, the Colgate Water Flosser’s battery on a full charge is able to last for up to four weeks, even with daily use. 

I have three main questions in mind for this review:

  • Will it be able to get in the tight gaps between my teeth?
  • How powerful is the water pressure?
  • Will the pulsating stream of water hurt?

Plugging in one of the nozzles, I pulled open the water tank until I heard a “click”, then filled it up with water.

There are two buttons on the Colgate Water Flosser, an on/off button, and another to cycle between three pressure modes (gentle, regular, and pulse).

I switched the device on with its pressure on “gentle”, and felt the 0.01mm stream of water shoot and splash against my teeth. 

Moving the nozzle around like I would when flossing the regular way, the water pressure pushing against my sensitive teeth felt rather strong, which was something I wasn’t used to. 

I got used to this sensation by the third day, and after switching between the pressure modes, I learnt that my favourite setting was the regular one. 

It’s worth noting that other than water, you can also fill the device’s tank with mouthwash, and use that to floss. Not only does it freshen your breath, but it can help in killing oral bacteria and reduce plaque formation in your mouth.

For those concerned about bleeding gums while using the device, Colgate has disclaimed in its instructions that this can happen. Though, if bleeding persists, there may be an underlying issue with your gums, and should be checked by a dentist.

Over the course of my testing, I discovered a few ways to lessen the splashing when using the Colgate Water Flosser.

If I kept my lips slightly pursed or closed, I could contain the splashes within my mouth. Alternatively, positioning my face downwards lets gravity do the work, where water naturally flows out of my mouth, falling into the sink with less mess.

Ultimately though, I believe the best time and place to use the Colgate Water Flosser is in the shower. Thanks to the device’s IPX7 water-resistant rating, getting it wet isn’t an issue. 


After five days of use, the Colgate Water Flosser cleared all my doubts about its performance. 

The water pressure (even on gentle mode) was strong enough to push out the food debris from the tight gaps between my teeth, which three years of wearing braces closed up. In fact, I actually struggle to get regular string floss between my teeth because of this.

While on the topic of braces, I feel that this device would greatly benefit braces wearers too. Having flossed with string when I was still wearing braces, the inconvenience is akin to stringing a thread through a needle over and over again.

Even though using the Colgate Water Flosser did initially cause a little discomfort when trying to master the skill, it’s a sensation that you quickly get used to with consistent usage.

Flossing with the Colgate Water Flosser is a breeze, and it’s made flossing an activity I’ve added to my after-meal routine, especially since it only takes me a minute to do with the device.

With that said, the Colgate Water Flosser would likely be beneficial to most people who find it difficult to pick up the habit of flossing.

Cleaning the Colgate Water Flosser was also simple. As each movable part of the device is detachable, a quick rinse and wipe-down can be easily done before it’s stored away in its drawstring bag.

There’s also a compartment that lets you store the nozzle inside the device

Weighing only 240 grams and measuring 13.5cm (while closed) by 6.5cm, its portability is comparable to a small powerbank, making it easy to travel with. 

Speaking of travelling, it’s worth noting that because there is a rechargeable battery within the device, the Colgate Water Flosser should be packed in a carry-on bag for flights. 

Personally, I’d love to own a unit myself after being able to squeeze in a quick flossing session every day. It’s an opportune time to get one too, as Watsons is running a promotion for Colgate’s Water Flosser from November 21 to 27, 2022.

During the promotion period, Watsons will be selling the Colgate Water Flosser at RM249.90, a discount from the original price retailed at RM299.90.

The first 30 purchasers of the Colgate Water Flosser will also enjoy an extra RM30 off, and receive a free Portable Juicer when they use the promo code “WATERFLOSSER”.

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