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6 interesting brands in M’sia that champion men’s sexual health, self-care & wellness

It’s November, the month of odd challenges like No Shave November or maybe the more NSFW No Nut November. But more than these challenges, November is also Men’s Health Awareness Month, a global campaign dedicated to bringing awareness to a range of men’s health issues.

In conjunction with that, we’re spotlighting brands in Malaysia that specialise in men’s health, especially in less conventional ways such as sexual health, self-care, wellness, and more, i.e. not just clinics.

1. andSons

Image Credit: andSons

With a tagline of “re-imagining men’s health” andSons (also stylised as &sons) covers pain points like hair loss, sexual health, weight management, wellbeing, and even skincare for men.

The brand carries clinically proven hair loss treatments, packaged into kits to suit specific needs. Products here include hair growth shampoos, conditioners, dermarollers, and serums.

On the weight management front, they offer injectable treatments, appetite suppressants, as well as fat blockers. For sexual health, andSons has formulated products such as pills, chewable mint tablets, and oral strips for erectile dysfunction, as well as pills and sprays for premature ejaculation.

There are also supplements designed for specific functions. Namely, there’s the prostate health one, the stress relief one, and a testosterone support one.

As for skincare, there are two ranges—one for acne-prone skin, and one for anti-aging purposes.

With this vast catalogue of products and services, andSons is a robust one-stop shop for a myriad of men’s health solutions, and men can browse these treatments and products on their own, or get connected with a licensed doctor for an online medical consultation.


Image Credit: GOTE

Founded by Han Pin Ma (who some might recognise as influencer and entrepreneur Jane Chuck’s husband), GOTE might not overtly look like a men’s health brand but rather more of a lifestyle brand.

That said, according to its website, the brand is designed for the contemporary man who “prioritises his holistic wellbeing as much as he enjoys pleasure”. In short, it’s a men’s wellness brand that covers various aspects of self-care for men.

The most interesting product on GOTE, arguably, is its Please Endurance Wipes, which are wipes for the male genitalia to help reduce the likelihood of premature ejaculation. The wipes are sold in packs of eight for RM69 (of course).              

Its skincare line is seemingly unisex as the products are modelled by both men and women. The range includes a jelly cleanser, an exfoliating toner, and a moisturiser. Curiously, GOTE also carries some pet products such as harnesses, bowls, and collars, and these seem to literally be for dogs (man’s best friend).

3. SuamiSihat

Image Credit: SuamiSihat

SuamiSihat is a Malaysian portal that champions men’s sexual health and performance. Believing that Malaysian men have been trying to solve their health issues in the wrong way, this platform aims to better guide them and shed light on how harmful some men’s health products and substances can be.

SuamiSihat claims that what it does is different from those “illegal Ubat Kuat” companies, sharing that it takes a more inclusive look of men’s mental health rather than just offering supplements and pills.

It has five main pillars, which allow users to find men’s health specialists, buy approved supplements, consume health content, get counselling, and also purchase condoms and lubricants.

More than an aggregator of products and services, though, SuamiSihat also offers a community called Komuniti SuamiSihat which has grown to over 35,000 subscribers on Telegram. Here, candid tips and knowledge on men’s health is shared.

4. Apollo Men’s Wellness Centre

Image Credit: Apollo Men’s Wellness Centre

Located in the lux address of The Starhill, Apollo Men’s Well Centre, as its name suggests, is a one-stop centre that offers health-related services for gentlemen.

This includes health screenings and consultations. On top of that, it has a variety of solutions and protocols for men such as something called EM Sculpt NEO for weight loss, Oxygen Delivery System (PODS) for stress and health management, Electro Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT) for erectile dysfunction, and more.

The centre also carries some fashion items, offers hair loss treatments, and provides skin solutions.

5. Biotropics

Image Credit: Biotropics Malaysia Berhad

Biotropics Malaysia Berhad is a health product manufacturer that specialises in products for men and women, though it appears to carry more products catering to the former.

For men in specific, Biotropics offers Nu-Prep Lelaki, a supplement that uses Tongkat Ali extract to promote health and stamina. Men’s Formula is another supplement to boost the health of men.

There’s also Nu-Caffè, an instant coffee product that also features Tongkat Ali extract.

6. P’sang

Image Credit: P’sang

P’sang is a Malaysian condom brand established in 2018. Unlike typical condoms, P’sang specialises in something called buttercup condoms, which are packaged in little “cups” so that the product is always on the right side up.

The brand also offers lubricants and discreet packaging.

While not the only condom brand in Malaysia, P’sang stands out due to its youthful and humorous branding.  


It may be easy to write off things like men’s sexual health, skin care, and hair care as unimportant compared to physical health. However, the truth is these are issues that men struggle with and thus must be destigmatised in order to foster a healthier, happier society.

We hope to see more brands in Malaysia embrace men’s health proudly, and that more men feel comfortable using these brands too.

Featured Image Credit: GOTE / P’sang / andSons

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