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In the quest for a healthier and more toned physique, we may turn to various slimming treatments in the hope of achieving quick and effective results. 

It’s not always for pure vanity reasons either, as some individuals may be suffering from medical conditions such as obesity, high blood pressure, fatty liver, and more. These ailments may make regular exercise a less viable option as well, as their condition may lead to exercise-related injuries.

So, they may resort to potentially dangerous treatments to lose excess fat from their bodies. From liposuction to fat-liquifying injections, these treatments could lead to excess bleeding or infections.

Slim Doc hopes to educate the Malaysian public that slimming solutions don’t have to be this risky.

To do so, it has invited Jack Lim, a Malaysian actor and radio show host to speak about his weight loss journey with Slim Doc.

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Did you know: Slim Doc was established in 2022 providing a non-invasive and innovative approach for body slimming, contouring, skin tightening, and muscle building.

Founded by Dr Terrence Teoh and Dr Michael Ong, Slim Doc is the sister company to One Doc (est. 2016) and Hair Doc (est. 2018), which respectively offer skin-related treatments and hair growth treatments.

A push to get his health in order

Jack Lim shared about his struggles with weight loss and health, where he battled fatty liver for five years.

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Due to his busy schedule as an actor and radio host, the radio DJ spent a lot of his waking hours working, leading to irregular eating habits, and only getting up to four hours of sleep daily. 

While he does have a home gym, he finds it difficult to carve out time for exercise due to low energy levels.

Eventually, Jack turned to Slim Doc for its UltraEM Plus treatment. It’s a non-invasive technology that uses electromagnetic waves to stimulate muscle contraction in a targeted area.

According to Slim Doc’s founders, the treatment is equivalent to doing nearly 40,000 sit-ups or crunches.

Image Credit: Slim Doc

With the combination of Slim Doc’s treatments and monitoring, paired with diet control, Jack claims to have lost 13kg within six months and continues to seek follow-up treatments for maintenance purposes.

These results were achieved after multiple sessions, and he also adopted a couple of lifestyle changes recommended by Slim Doc’s beauticians.

“The benefit is that I didn’t need to change much of my diet. That’s important because I need food for energy,” he shared in an interview with Vulcan Post. 

Jack explained that he continues to reduce his carbs intake, incorporates more fibre into his diet, and follows a restricted eating schedule like eliminating supper, as advised by both his doctor and beauticians.

“So even now, the effects are still there, and the treatment has built my muscles and reduced internal fats,” said Jack, adding that his doctor has also praised him for his improved state of fatty liver syndrome. 

Co-founders Dr Michael Ong and Dr Terrence Teoh / Image Credit: Vulcan Post

At the end of the day, Jack’s improved health and wellness from Slim Doc’s treatments is exactly what the company set out to do.

“Our goal is, we always focus on health first,” said Dr Terrence and Dr Michael. “It’s not just about losing weight; if you wanna stay slim, you need to stay healthy.”

Fitness, fun, and freebies

To boost the public’s awareness of health and wellness, Slim Doc’s first-ever New Year, New You Carnival was hosted at Sunway Velocity, KL between January 12-14, 2024.

Over the three-day event, guests could challenge their fitness and endurance levels at the carnival’s games, such as the King of Hammer, Pull-Up Bar, and Bicycle Juicer.

Image Credit: Slim Doc

Doing so could get them free products from Slim Doc, One Doc, and Hair Doc, including a Bodyfit cream to help improve body fat burning in targeted areas, a hydrating mask to rejuvenate their skin, and a hair growth volumising shampoo for thicker hair.

Image Credit: Vulcan Post

To further encourage guests to pamper themselves, the carnival even offered free manicures, with a booth for tarot card reading.

We also spotted other booths featuring local businesses we’ve covered like Brotani, selling healthy and fresh cold-pressed MD2 pineapple juices to beat the heat.

Image Credit: Vulcan Post

Jack made an appearance during the final day of the carnival, which excited the crowd when he took the stage.

Attendees at Slim Doc’s carnival had the opportunity to experience the treatments that benefited Jack through lucky draw prizes totalling RM30,000.

Guests were entertained by the K-pop performance and lion dance that wrapped up the carnival / Image Credit: Vulcan Post / Slim Doc

Ultimately, One Doc’s first-ever New Year, New You Carnival was a fun-filled one which not only connected local small businesses to the community, but also highlighted the importance of taking care of your health.

When asked about whether Malaysians can expect more such carnivals, Dr Terrence and Dr Michael shared that they have yet to make their decision.

One thing’s for sure though, they will be focusing on expanding their beauty services regionally, starting with Singapore.

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