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Macao’s annual BEYOND Expo event promised a showcase of leading tech innovations that promote comprehensive industrial upgrade, development, and transformation, all for a better global innovation ecology.

And boy did it deliver. 

It certainly wowed us with stuff like a flying car and a mini electric driverless minibus, but it’s not just these large creations that deserve the spotlight.

Many other small-scale innovations and creations impressed us too, and here are five cool ones we spotted that we hope to see in Malaysia very soon.

1. Outisan’s e-Wagon Ultra

If we’re not using tech to make our daily lives easier in the 21st century, then are we really innovating? 

Outisan, a combination of the words “outdoor artisan”, is a Hong Kong startup that aims to make each outing a smooth and enjoyable experience. This is most evident in its first product, the e-Wagon Ultra

Using the brand’s proprietary FlowStride technology, the traditional utility wagon is updated with smart electricity to make wheeling about easier. Its brushless DC motors, motion sensors, and advanced control algorithms provide a boost of power on different terrains.

Going both uphill and downhill would be less taxing on consumers. According to its website, the electric motors can make a 180lbs (about 81kg) uphill load “feel lighter than 10lbs (about 4.5kg)”. When moving downhill, the motors adjust to the walker’s pacing, so you won’t get pushed down with the gravitational force. 

Image Credit: Outisan

All you have to do is place your hand on the large button on the e-Wagon Ultra’s handle to activate FlowStride, and use the handle to control the direction of movement. Pressing that and the smaller button on the side of the handle will have it reversing instead, useful for pulling a load downhill at a controlled pace. Should you let go of the buttons, the e-Wagon will brake automatically.

We tried this at the expo with the representative sitting in the wagon to act as cargo, and even our most noodle-armed colleague was able to push and pull him around with decent ease.

Considering all of its features, Outisan’s e-Wagon Ultra isn’t just great for travelers. By taking away the laborious aspect of a traditional wagon, it’s suitable for just about anyone that needs to move things around. 

We could see this being useful for older folk who enjoy working outdoors in their gardens or on home improvement projects, or even for labourers who often have to move heavy loads around.

The e-Wagon Ultra is versatile, and it’s definitely more than just a tool for adventures. It does come at a rather steep starting price of US$1,099 (promotional), but we were told that the company is working on a more compact and lighter version which should also be a bit more affordable.

2. Geneinno Underwater Scooters & Drones

Image Credit (right): Geneinno

Fancy seeing life under the sea? That’s what Shenzhen-based company, Geneinno, is all about. 

Founded in 2013, the company’s core mission is to develop and manufacture underwater vehicle control systems. These are generally used for those in the diving industry like professional diving photographers.

Its catalogue includes a range of underwater scooters and underwater ROV drones that are equipped with high resolution cameras. Made to be lightweight, its underwater scooters come with a handle bar for ease of grip and can go to a max depth of 98 ft. It’s designed to be kid-friendly as well and claims to be safe for beginners. 

For the gamers out there, is this reminding you of Subnautica, or is that just us?

Geneinno’s ROV drones, on the other hand, come with Sony’s 4K high-definition camera to capture vivid underwater scenes. Users can remotely control the drone either through its smart controller or mobile app. It can go a max depth of 150 ft and features a 60° adjustable Tilt-Lock.

Image Credit: Geneinno

Aside from the diving crowd, The China Project reported that Geneinno is also popular in China amongst fishing groups and yachtsmen. 

However, the brand’s products go beyond just hobbyists. It’s suitable for industrial uses in the aquaculture industry and even marine biology.

We really think that it could benefit the conservation work of Malaysia’s robust marine ecosystem by providing a less-invasive and reliable way to monitor the health of marine wildlife. 

With coral reef health degrading at an alarming rate globally, such devices could help us revive and repopulate what’s left before it’s too late.

3. Oclean

Image Credit: Oclean

With the corporate vision to “Redefine, for better oral care”, Oclean’s mission began in 2016, and it’s currently headquartered in Shenzhen, China. 

The company is best known for its line of oral care products that leverages technology and smart solutions. And no, we don’t mean your average electric toothbrush that’s been in the market for years.

Oclean’s toothbrushes go beyond traditional brushing and offer real-time feedback and guidance to users during their oral hygiene routine. Take its Oclean Ultra X Wi-Fi Digital Toothbrush (Oclean Ultra X) for example. It takes the notion of smart brushing beyond mere touchscreen displays.

It comes with an AI voice guide that uses bone-conduction technology to offer users tips to improve your technique as you brush. If you’re applying too much pressure or focusing too much time on a specific side, the toothbrush will let you know.

Image Credit (right): Oclean

If you’re worried about noise, its Whisper-Clean Series would be a good option as it operates at less than 45dB. Charging also shouldn’t be a pain as Oclean’s toothbrushes claim to last up to 30 days per charging session.

Despite carrying such technology, its price tag is on the average market rate. Oclean’s toothbrushes are actually already available on Shopee Mall, but we could see the brand growing its presence in physical stores for better brand visibility.

They’re available from a starting price of RM199, whereas its more advanced models can go up to RM799.

About six in 10 adults in Malaysia face dental issues with tooth decay being a top problem. Plus, many of us are likely scared of the dentist, which makes good oral hygiene daily really important for maintaining oral wellness.

And what better way to get good at it than a toothbrush that will expose your bad brushing and push you to do better?

4. Meow Not Easy (喵喵不易 in Mandarin)

Image Credit: Meow Not Easy

As the name suggests, this Chinese company’s focus is on felines. An IoT-integrated pet platform, Meow Not Easy was made with the goal of improving the welfare of stray cats and tackling breeding issues. 

This mobile app allows users to assist stray cats by donating food and monitoring them on livestream videos through Meow Not Easy’s network of feeding stations. It’s linked to the cloud so you can perform this act of charity remotely.

The app has a number of sterilisation and adoption centres for stray cats that are built to manage the population. 

Besides that, it also acts as a community platform where cat lovers can upload posts and interact with one another. Based on its website, the Meow Not Easy hopes to build a sustainable platform that ensures the survival of stray cats.

Looking at how it functions, it’s rather similar to another Chinese app called Hello Street Cat that introduced the world to Mr. Fresh, a meme-worthy cat. Other platforms working to combat strays can also be found in other countries like SemtPati in Turkey that helps people adopt stray dogs.

With Malaysia having approximately five to six million stray cats and dogs, based on a study by BMC Public Health, apps like Meow Not Easy could help to ensure they’re taken care of, alongside efforts by individuals and communities.

5. Helevated

Image Credit: Helevated

Helevated from the UK is dedicated to “fostering well-being throughout every phase of life’s journey”. 

Its aim is to pursue a wholesome lifestyle through natural science and redefining the trajectory of ageing. Targeted towards women, Helevated produces a range of supplements to help relieve common symptoms of menopause and anti-ageing needs.

This includes hot flashes, depression and anxiety, brain fog, insomnia, weight gain, and sexual dysfunction. Helevated’s supplements consist of NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) which serves to promote energy production. 

Image Credit: Helevated

NAD+ is a naturally occurring molecule that assists in the transferring of electrons between other molecules. But the level of NAD+ falls with age. This makes us more susceptible to age-related diseases. 

That’s where Helevated’s supplements come in.

The subject of menopause is either still taboo in many parts of the world, or just outright ignored. But the symptoms faced by ageing women are very real, and we’re glad to see an increase of brands tackling this issue.

There are already several brands doing so in Malaysia, and Helevated’s offerings could complement what’s already on the market, seeing as their supplements are designed to tackle three varying intensity stages of menopause symptoms.

All that said, VeryWell Health disclosed that there aren’t many studies on the effects of NAD+ supplements in humans. The trials that were conducted are small in size, about 30 candidates and below.


Other than serving as a place to get inspiration from international brands, expos like this also give local startups a chance to establish themselves as global players by thinking outside the box.

We already saw three Malaysian startups showcasing their innovations at the expo this time around, and they reported seeing a healthy interest in what they were doing.

Hopefully, their presence at the expo will lead to bigger opportunities, and we can’t wait to see next year’s lineup of cool stuff from both local and international players at BEYOND Expo.

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Featured Image Credit: Outisan / Oclean / Geneinno

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