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Inflowio, an Inbound Marketing startup, is offering the ultimate internship for budding writers and marketing wannabe. This internship doesn’t just look good on your resume, it gives you the freedom to whoop it up. Interested to find out more about this rare and exhilarating opportunity? Read on and see if you fit the bill!

“But why a beach?”, you may ask?

Well, having worked from the beach for almost all of the last year (except for a few necessary visits to various cities around Asia) I’ve found it incredibly productive. There’s a kind of focus you can get in more remote locations, that you just can’t achieve in the city with its never ending distractions.

Perhaps it’s the calming sound of the sea. Perhaps it’s the motivation to finish work so you can go out and play. Perhaps it’s the nuclear-strength coffee they seem to serve at beach resorts. I’m not quite sure why, but I know it works and I know what can be achieved in just 4 weeks of focus. — Inflowio

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The Internship

4 weeks. 2 interns. A perfect beach in Thailand. Sound good? Keep reading…

Hi, my name is Jon Yongfook.

I run a marketing software company based in Singapore. Last year we launched our first SaaS app Beatrix, a virtual marketing assistant which now powers thousands of social media accounts globally. In early 2015 we are launching something new and it’s time to bring on some extra help!

That’s where you come in.

To help with the launch of our new inbound marketing tool Inflowio, we are recruiting two marketing interns. But this won’t be any old internship. Oh no. This will be the Greatest Startup Marketing Internship EVER. You see, typical internships will have you running round a city performing misc errands…

…but our internship will bring you to a remote tropical island, on the beach, sipping a cold drink while working on online marketing for Inflowio, for 4 weeks before returning home. — Inflowio

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The Boss

This is the big gun behind Inflowio. Besides mentoring young startups at the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at SMU, Jon Yongfook is also known as the CEO and Founder of Beatrix, a marketing software that creates content for social media channels. If you recall, Vulcan Post held a giveaway back on March for the Ultimate Growth Hacking Handbook, an e-book written by the social entrepreneur himself. On May 2014, we spoke to Yongfook where he shares his two cents on entrepreneurship. Unless you’ve been living under a boulder, it’s unlikely you haven’t heard of him.

Image credit: Jon Yongfook’s Instagram

The Job Scope

Inflowio doesn’t offer remuneration, but interns do not have to dwell on their accommodation and return travel arrangements as these aspects will be taken care of. There’s even plenty of rip-roaring activities, such as ATV, snorkelling and sightseeing during the 4-week internship. Here’s the actual job scope taken from the site:

  • Location: Koh Samui, Thailand
  • 4 weeks of working on your laptop, on a tropical island beach
  • International return flights and accommodation paid for by Inflowio
  • Internship starts January 2015
  • The boss will be there to provide guidance and set deliverables
  • Learn about inbound marketing / SEO / social media marketing
  • Help to produce marketing content in a team setting
  • But also work autonomously on personal tasks
  • 4-hour work days (use the rest to work on your tan, go snorkeling, etc.!)
  • Sundays off
  • Booze bonuses, depending on productivity levels
Image credit: Inflowio

Who Inflowio Is Looking For

Inflowio’s requirements are undemanding. What strikes me the most (other than the short working hours; can I get a Hallelujah?) is that they’re not looking for undergraduate or graduate students studying Marketing or other related fields. The startup will be focusing on working with like-minded and creative individuals. Peruse the list and see if this fits you:

  • A creative mind
  • Super interested in online marketing
  • Fan of sites like Buzzfeed, Thoughtcatalog
  • Avid user of Instagram / Twitter etc
  • Can write with personality!
  • Have a blog, or have written blog content before
  • Have traveled before (so we know you won’t freak out)
  • Are prepared to work pretty solidly for 4 hours each day
  • Are generally a cool person, the kind you wouldn’t mind spending 1 month with!
Image Credit: Inflowio

Think you have what it takes? Not so fast. (Don’t worry, I’m not going to spoil your bubble.) To sign up for the internship, all you have to do is create a 60-second video self-introduction. No resume. No cover letter. Just a video. Best of all, applicants have total control with what goes in it. All the startup asks for — in Inflowio’s words — is “to see your personality shine through”.

Reading this unmitigatedly brings to mind Haymitch’s iconic line from The Hunger Games: This is your time to show them everything – make sure they remember you. The deadline for all video submissions is December 18. The startup will announce its interns on December 26, 2014 and the internship will commence on January 10, 2015. May the odds be ever in your favour. (Sorry, couldn’t help it.)

Drop by its official website for the full post.

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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