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This year is starting to seem a little different, don’t you think so?

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It feels like we are cleaning up our lenses and seeing the truth of humanity and its works. It’s the man, what am I really doing with my life now kind of different.

Within the first four months of the year, we had, amongst others, two massive incidents that took away so many lives. First, the disappearance of Malaysian airline MH370 carrying over two hundred passengers on March 8. While investigations were still ongoing, we immediately heard about South Korean ship MV Sewol which sank on April 16 and seen a casualty count of 242.

With the fragility of life is screaming at us constantly, many brands and individuals have also taken the time to fully appreciate the people around them.

1. Proctor & Gamble’s Thank You Mom

Aired in 2012, P&G released this video while the 2012 London Olympics was on the way to celebrate the mothers behind successful athletes. It depicts the silent but powerful love of a mother as she supports her child in the crowd.

Following on, they also gave another shot at this year’s Sochi 2014.

2. American Greeting’s World’s Toughest Job Interview

With the help of Boston-based advertising agency, Mullen, American Greetings launched its Mother’s Day campaign this year. The company begun the project just before Christmas break last year.The four minute video takes a different angle to slowly reveal how tough it actually is being a mother. The video went viral after launch.

3. Google’s Here’s To The Moms

Google utilised search as a direction to showcase mothers around the world and how they are celebrated.

 4. Kodak Moment’s Join The Mom-a-thon

Kodak takes a different spin by coining the lack of appreciation for our mothers to almost a disease. Its call to action at the end of video urges viewers to find a cure together.

Enough about videos. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think we need these to remind us about our mothers. We know how hard they have worked. This Mother’s Day, let’s see and love our mothers just like how they first loved us (and show it!). I know you can do it, buddy!

5. P&G’s Everyday Effect

Now, who’s up for cupcakes?enablejsapi=1&html5=1&

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