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Most of us own a smartphone now, and most of us use it daily to connect and chat with our friends, capture and record beautiful moments, schedule our meetings, listen to music, download and play mobile games on the go, and many more. Smartphones have basically taken over our lives, in a good way.

Of course, all of these needs memory for storage: as you take more photos and videos, you are going to need more memory space to store your new photos and videos, as you download more music onto your phone, you are going to need more memory space to store your new and old songs, as there are more mobile games released to the market, you are going to need more memory space to download and try out the new mobile games.

You get the idea.

A large number of smartphones from Motorola, Samsung, LG, HTC, and others which runs on Android have a MicroSD slot that makes it possible to inexpensively add more memory to the device, but none of the iPhone models have this capability. All iPhone models use internal flash memory that cannot be expanded.

For readers not familiar with the MicroSD standard, it is a tiny flash memory card — “about the size of a fingernail” — designed specifically for mobile phones to store information and files such as your music, movies, video clips, pictures, games, and many more.

There are many MicroSD cards out there, but we’d like to talk more about one particular brand: Strontium, and one of their latest products, the NITRO UHS-1 MicroSD.


Using a MicroSD card is simple: simply plug the MicroSD card into your smartphone slot and you can start storing your data into the MicroSD card.

As a smartphone user, two of the most important things we care about are the speed of the memory card as well as how easy it is to transfer the files on the memory card to our laptops or personal computers.

Strontium NITRO UHS-1 MicroSD card has both these two aspects covered: it has a read speed of up to 85MB/s, which is faster than the average MicroSD cards. As a comparison, Samsung’s standard MicroSDHC card has a read speed of only 24MB/s. The higher read speed of Strontium NITRO UHS-1 MicroSD card means that even though it is filled with information, it takes a relatively shorter time for you to load the content in it. 

Another thing about the Strontium NITRO UHS-1 MicroSD card is that it comes along with a free My Backup Pro Android App (worth S$6.24) which helps you back up all your data on your phone.

It also comes with a free USB card reader and a SD adapter so that you do not have to purchase them separately. This is especially convenient for users who are always transferring data between your camera, smartphones, tablets and personal computer. The Strontium NITRO UHS – 1 MicroSD card is also water proof, temperature proof, magnet proof as well as X-Ray proof.



These flash cards are available in 8GB to 64GB capacities with price ranging between S$12.60 to S$75.59 and they come with a limited lifetime warranty. You can easily purchase the Strontium NITRO UHS-1 MicroSD card through the official website, or at major resellers, distributors, retailers, as well as eretailers.

Strontium is a leading memory brand from Singapore. Its operations span diverse geographic locations including India, Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia, Africa, Middle East, US, Canada and Latin America. The company has market presence in more than 38 countries.

Strontium is also running a Strontium Shop & Win contest from 15th May until 31st August. During this period, you can purchase any Strontium NITRO series product to receive game coupons with instructions to take part in lucky draw where there are up to S$8888 cash and prizes to be won. Visit the Strontium official website for full promotional details.

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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