Charlene  |  Singapore
Published 2015-01-15 16:00:09

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It starts like this:

Image Credit: twitter.com
Image Credit: twitter.com

From the word go (literally), you’re thrown directly into the heart of the action. You make a choice — run, or hide — and your choices take you through a seemingly endless maze of adventures. Until you die, that is. I died at least seven times before finally being allowed to live, but even then, “with [my]  shame.”

It’s a refreshing way to use Twitter, and to tell a story. Yet this Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOA) game format is not new, even on Twitter. The creator of the current game, Terence Eden, says as much in a blog post, explaining how he came up with the idea.

Image Credit: timothyjjarvis.wordpress.com
Image Credit: timothyjjarvis.wordpress.com

The story aspect of the game is what works for me, and is probably what makes the game so compelling. It’s slightly disappointing that the game ended so quickly, but I can only imagine the amount of work that would have to be done to make the story even a bit more complex. (I’m keeping my fingers crossed, though.)

So take your chances here, and for maximum effect, have a go at it when it’s dark out.

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