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Hi, everyone! First, we from Vulcan Post would like to take this opportunity to wish all our Muslim readers Selamat Hari Raya, maaf zahir dan batin. May you have a memorable and enjoyable time celebrating with your family and loved ones, and remember to stay safe on road if you are travelling.

The week leading up to the raya holiday has been quite  a rough one, while some are still recovering from the missing MH370, Taiwan airplane GE222 crashed, and then MH17 got shot down. It truly has been a hard week for many people. Among this chaos, an international online condolence book was started for the victims of MH17 and netizens rally support for Malaysia Airlines as MAS tries to brave through the storm. However, there has also been some disturbing news about some who are taking advantage of the MH17 victims.

We also dealt with some questions last week that might be on some readers’ minds, such as should we practice social responsibility when we are on social media platforms? What happened to old social media platforms such as Friendster and Livejournal? And finally, are relationships really that complicated and what can we do to help our dating journey?

There’s so much more to read about, so during this raya break, take some time to get updated on last week’s news!

News Related To Aircraft MH17 and GE222:

Image Credit: MAS Facebook Page

Despite Difficult Times, Malaysia Airlines Still Receives Support From Netizens

International Online Condolence Book Opened For Victims Of #MH17

[Outrageous] MH17 Victims Targeted In Facebook And Credit Card Scams!

[BREAKING] Taiwan Plane #GE222 Crashes, More Than 50 Are Feared Dead!

Opinion Pieces Worth Reading:

Image Credit: conservativecorporatism
Image Credit: conservativecorporatism

To ‘Share’ Or Not To ‘Share’: That Is The Question

Where Art Thou Olde Social Media?

Dear Foursquare, A Breakup Letter.

Are Relationships Really That Complicated? With These Lessons, Maybe Not.

News Related to Phones and Gadgets:

Image credit: The Malay Mail Online

Meet Dragonfly Robotix, An Insanely Versatile Drone Startup in Malaysia?

Google’s Android L: An In-Depth Look At The New Version of Android

Malaysia’s Warybee Is A Panic Button Built Into A Jewellery!

What I Did With My Soaking Wet Phone

Website and Videos You Should Check Out:

Image Credit: Taskrabbit

GoGet Brings Taskrabbit Online Errand Marketplace Concept To Malaysia!

JMS Rogers, Giving Singapore’s Debt Recovery Business A New Face Over

John Oliver Now Rips Into The Singapore Problem Gambling Ad. This Will Never Stop Being Funny.

LookBooker Is A New Online Salon Appointment Site In Singapore!

If You Start Seeing Giant Bowties On The Roads In Singapore, This Is Why

Social Media and App Related News:

Image Credit: Insidemobileapps

Cool App Episode Lets You Explore Your Whole New Virtual Life

The Intense And Chaotic Israeli-Gaza Social Media War

New Smart Singapore App Motoqlik is Created by Drivers, for Drivers

Always Getting Headaches? Here’s Why You Should Really Take Them Seriously.

3 Incredible Money Saving Apps Every Singaporean Needs!

These Apps Prove That Singapore Has More Wildlife Than You Think!

Ever Wished You Could Recall A Text Message? Now You Can, With WeChat!

Other News To Catch Up On:

Image Credit - lists10.com
Image Credit – lists10.com

Statistics Proves That Malaysians Love To Do Their Shopping Online

You Can Now Charge Your Devices At 4 Singapore MRT Stations!

Facebook Reaches 1.32 Billion Active Users, Profits Soar

Another Way to Celebrate Singapore’s 50th? A New Mobile Game, Of Course!

Now Every Singaporean Can Have Their Own AXS Station!

[INFOGRAPHIC] Online Shopping Statistics in Singapore


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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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