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Her name is Nadia Rahmat. She’s Singaporean, and she’s starring in the Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2015 campaign.

At 24, Nadia is living the dream of many aspiring models. Out of 100,000 submissions on a worldwide online casting campaign on Instagram and Twitter last year, Nadia was shortlisted and flown to New York for the second round of castings in October. #CastMeMarc was the campaign hashtag, and cast her he did. Nadia made it to the final 11, and now, she will be making a big splash in fashion magazines and in Marc by Marc Jacobs stores around the world.

Image Credit: Nadia
Image Credit: Mihaela Noroc

Of Malay, Indian and Arab descent, Nadia also stands out with her signature braids, inspired by her favorite British singer FKA Twigs. We speak to the photogenic and sassy young lady who is now the face of #SGPride, on her experience and her very Singaporean traits.

1) Congratulations Nadia! We are really proud that a Singaporean face has gone global in such a big way. How did you get started with modeling?

It actually started four years ago when I was working with a friend who owned an online store. I started modelling for her for a small fee and then things just took their own course after.

2) Other than modeling, what takes up most of your time?

My freelance event coordination! If I’m not busy with Super 0, I’ll be freelancing at events, helping to co-ordinate them since I’ve been dabbling in the profession for two years now.

3) When you first participated in the Instagram contest, did you have any inkling that you would go so far? What was your very first reaction when you got the casting confirmation?

Not at all! I got a shock, was in total disbelief and thought that it was too good to be true. I even went so far as to check if my flight ticket to New York was legit, haha!

Image Credit: The casting email Nadia received which freaked her out at 3am in the morning, due to the time difference. Image Credit: Nadia
The casting email Nadia received which freaked her out at 3am in the morning, due to the time difference. (Image Credit: Nadia)

4) Tell us about what went on behind-the-scenes during the casting in New York.

There was lots of waiting, and then we would eventually be called for a fitting, and then after the test shoots were done, there was more waiting. Basically, there was lots and lots of waiting. Haha.

The campaign was shot over two days, and Marc Jacobs was there on both days. He was just this really chilled out guy, going about his own thing. He seemed like a very laidback person to me!

The final 11 including Nadia, with Marc Jacobs himself. Image Credit: Nadia
Nadia, in a group shot with Marc Jacobs himself. Image Credit: Nadia

5) We love your braids, and you certainly have a unique brand of style which stands out! How did your sense of style develop from young?

I’ve always been interested in fashion and exploring different styles. Of course, I’ve been through horrendous fashion phases. I even wore leggings underneath shorts at some point, what was I thinking?

But then, slowly I got inspired by magazines like Dazed & Confused, and just browsing the net for independent fashion labels and somehow it just morphed into the style I’ve adopted today. 🙂

6) What are your plans after this?

Well, I’m part of the Super 0 team, and we have just finished hosting our first ever pop-up boutique festival. It’s our third pop-up music event so far! We have a few tricks up our sleeves for the next one, so we’re just busy planning that for now. And of course, I need to finish my part-time degree studies in SIM. 🙂

7) Tell us three things which are really Singaporean about you.

1. I add chilli to almost every dish I eat.
2. I never stop whining about the humidity and weather.
3. I get excited when I see promotions in stores (like NTUC) and scramble to get the best deal while I can.

Image Credit: Nadia
Image Credit: Nadia

8) What is something few people know about you?

I like to sleep with the music on, it calms me.

9) What advice would you have for aspiring local models who are hoping to go international?

Just be yourself and work really hard no matter how long it takes, you never know who might notice you! 🙂

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