Young kids are always been taught “A” is for Apple – the edible apple. However with the First Words for Geeks app, A is also for “Apple”, but it is referring to Apple Inc., the company that produces your iPad, iPhone, and iMac.

Aiming to be the gateway to technology, First Words for Geeks is an app developed by a Malaysian company, Terato Tech and powered by Aiyo publication engine. The app comes in the form of an interactive book, with each page filled with colourful illustrations and information on technology.

Image credit: edutech
Image credit: Edutech

To give you some ideas on the app, A is for Apple, B is for Blackberry and E is for eBay. It also introduces famous technology personalities such as Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page and Steve Jobs as well as their respective companies, services and products. The app is created especially for the young ones as well as those are not tech savvy, but would like to become one.

There is no shame in using this app if you are a noob in technology, this app will get you and/or your children ready to face this technology driven world.

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The app also comes with various external links which provide you with more information on a certain subject. Each page also comes with various discussion boards for users to express their thoughts. And for those who love to share their new knowledge, they are free to share the information on their Facebook and Twitter account.

Image credit: amanz
Image credit: Amanz

As the First Words for Geeks is a free-to-download app, there will be advertisements appearing while using it, which is common for most free apps. Another drawback of the app will be its age restriction rule. The app is only accessible to those who are 17 years old and above. Reason given by the company is that the contents are linked to external sites such as Wikipedia and CrunchBase. However, this can be easily overcome if the app is being used by a child with adult supervision.

Image credit: iTunes
Image credit: iTunes

First Word for Geeks was actually voted as the Samsung App of The Year during the DIGI WWWOW Awards back in 2012. Traditional family games were Monopoly and Jenga, but now this app could be a fun-filled and educational family game!

And if you want to go the extra geeky mile, there is also a print edition of First Word for Geeks, and users can even buy t-shirts of the various letters via in-app purchase. First Words for Geeks can be downloaded at Apple Appstore for only $1.99.

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