With the festive season coming your way, here are some tips to step up your instagame and get all your followers talking.

Insyirah Yahya  |  Singapore
Published 2015-02-04 13:00:27

How do you know if your #instagame strong enough? How do you make your photos insta-worthy and have them stand out this festive season?

Well, like most of us, I’m no expert in the art of photography. But with the Chinese New Year looming just around the corner, why not get some tips to take the best photo you can to feature on your feed.

1. Don’t be afraid to take more

Start by using the camera app itself. This ensures the best quality photo you can get, and the grid feature also helps to make sure you have the elements in your photo aligned. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to spam your album. Who knows: that accidental shot may just be the winning shot that you need!

Image Credit: finedininglovers.com
Image Credit: finedininglovers.com

 2. Get on up on that chair, fellas!

Known as #overlay, this is the infamous bird’s-eye view shot that makes food look so aesthetically pleasing and delicious. Get in on the fun and get up on that chair.

Image Credit: Adam Goldberg
Image Credit: Adam Goldberg

You’re bound to get an awesome shot of your relatives doing the traditional tossing of yu sheng if you’re high up on a chair. But if you wanna get in on the tossing, then settle with a timer.

Image Credit: wmras.org.sg
Image Credit: wmras.org.sg

Food doesn’t last for very long before they start looking bad. Bread gets soggy and ice cream will melt, so don’t be shy; get up on that chair and take a quick, good shot! It’ll be worth it.

 3. Find your perfect angle

What is the festive season without a nice close up shot of your makeup and hairdo, otherwise known as a  #selfie?

With your camera in hand, explore which angles showcase your best features. Test it out and find out. Ariana Grande sure has it down with her signature head tilt.

Image Credit: bustle.com
Image Credit: bustle.com

4. Candid shot

Since we’re already at the point of no return in our quest to take a better shot, we might as well go all the way. Remember those awesome shots of people laughing? Yeah, those aren’t candid most of the time. But they sure look good. So fake a laugh; you might just end up with a shot that looks incredible.

5. Use natural light, not flash

Bid farewell to the ugly flash that does no good other than to give you a red eye (excuse the pun). Embrace natural lighting and take photos in the day. The rays of sun shining on your plate of aglio olio is way better than a blinding flash that reflects off the plate.

But if the restaurant is too dark (resulting in a grainy photo), ask your friends for some help by simply getting them to switch on the torchlight feature on their phones. This brightens the area where the food is, and prevents you from getting those overly lighted photos that come with the use of flashes.

Image Credit: carissagan.wordpress.com
Image Credit: carissagan.wordpress.com

 6. Style it

Style your photos. If you’re wearing a boring black and white outfit, stand in front of a wall filled with graffiti. And if you’re colour-blocking or rocking a patterned outfit, stand in front of a simple white background. These simple tips can better highlight your outfit and truly step up your instagame.

Take it from one of my favourite instagrammers and bloggers, Andrea Chong: the 23-year-old is an expert when it comes to taking photos and making something simple look incredible. Using the settings and background to her advantage, her outfits definitely look more pronounced and beautiful. It’s no wonder she gets thousands of likes on every photo she posts.

Image Credit: Andrea Chong
Image Credit: Andrea Chong

7. Edit it

After you take the shot, edit it! I swear by VSCO cam, an app that contains numerous filters — from subtle or minimalist, to simply black and white — to help your picture stand out and give it the edge it needs.

Image Credit: whatthehellz.com
Image Credit: whatthehellz.com

But remember: less is more, and too much editing and filters can ruin the image altogether. Stick with minimal editing and keep your photos as natural as you can.

8. Caption it

Last but not least, caption your art piece. Tell the story behind your photo and get your followers hooked!

After all, the editing and photo-taking keeps you from having to answer the dreadful questions we face at every CNY. So instead of running away from your obnoxious relatives, you might as well bury yourself in your phone and spend time editing photos instead of answering the usual “When are you getting married?” and “Have you started working?” questions that haunt us every year.

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