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Are you a fan of Singapore’s local music scene? Love chilling at Timbre, Switch, or 12-Inch Pizza & Records? If you are, today’s feature is not to be missed.

Apps I Live By is a weekly Wednesday peek into the smartphones of prominent personalities. Last week, I had the privilege to discover the apps used by All Deals Asia’s CEO, Goh Yiping. This week is as exciting because we have Danny from the Timbre Group to share his smartphone with us! Should you have a story to share, or want me to cover any favourite personalities, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me at dawn@vulcanpost.com.

Image Credit: bandwagon.sg
Right: Danny Loong (Image Credit: bandwagon.sg)

I got a brief chance to interact with Danny when I was trying to make an enquiry via the Timbre Group’s general email.

To my surprise, I received a prompt response from Danny, the co-founder himself. That day, my evening ended with a great time with my friends at one of the Timbre Group’s restaurants, Switch, coupled with gratitude for Danny’s humble service.

So, I decided to take the chance and speak to Danny about this series, and he kindly shared. Thank you, Danny!

If you didn’t know, Danny was the bandleader of one of Singapore’s most influential bands, Ublues, which made waves in the United States and even shared the same billing with music icons such as Bob Dylan, James Brown, and John Legend at international music festivals.

While involved in a couple of concerts, he met Edward Chia, now co-founder of Timbre Group. At that time, the latter was running a non-profit arts organisation.

Today, Timbre Group is a music lifestyle company with an aim to develop Singapore’s local music scene through a diverse range of platforms. To date, it has five live music restaurants and bars (3 outlets of Timbre, Switch, The Barber Shop), two lifestyle and music festivals (Beerfest Asia, Timbre Rock & Roots), two music academies (Timbre Music, Timbre Music Academy), and a pizza restaurant and delivery service (12-Inch Pizza & Records).

Let’s take a sneak peek into his smartphone and the apps he uses to manage such a big ecosystem of brands:

Image Credit: Danny Loong
Screenshot of Danny’s home screen (Image Credit: Danny Loong

1. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

As we are an active live music and lifestyle company where most of our customers are active with social networks through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others, this is a great way to engage them. I call these platforms the new “word of mouth.”

Perhaps the most valuable form of engagement – word of mouth. Did you know that KakaoTalk, a messaging platform, garnered most of its three million subscribers in Malaysia through word of mouth and the app store?

2.CNN, CNA, Straits Times, BBC

“I like to be kept informed of current news so I am aware of what’s happening locally and internationally. Sometimes great ideas come about when you are reading the news, commentaries and analyses.”

Have you been reading the news? Timothy Tiah, co-founder of Nuffnang, also recommends reading the news here!

3. Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger

“I need my chat apps – that’s the way I keep in touch with our managers, musicians and staff, and (communicating is) crucial for us as we are a daily operation and communication is key to keeping our operations more stable and smooth.”

Whatsapp still seems to be the dominant chat app in Singapore. Anyone rather use another chat app? I would love to hear your thoughts about it!

Thank you Danny for giving us a peek into your smartphone. We love the swanky convertible over there.

The next personality on my list created an app in Singapore with the goal of helping individuals who live in reserved and conservative Asian cultures network and hopefully find love.

It will be interesting to peek into the homescreen of an app creator. Stay tuned!

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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