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In the last few episode of Vulcan’s Videos Of The Week, we’ve been looking at videos that make us laugh, cry, and even feel confused. This week, we’ll look at Singapore’s Top 5 YouTube Channels, based on the subscription numbers. We will also show you their most popular video, so you can see what their formula for popularity is for yourself.

While compiling this list, a pattern began to form that was completely unexpected. Do keep reading, and see if you can spot the common feature of all these videos.

Ranking was based on VidStatsX‘s list of YouTube Top 100 Most Subscribed Singapore Channels List from Sept 5 2014. 

5. clicknetwork

199,582 Subscribers

Image Credit: Clicknetwork.tv
Image Credit: Clicknetwork.tv

clicknetwork is a Singaporean reality/lifestyle channel, that produces shows around lifestyle topics that speaks to the youth of Singapore. It is home to popular online shows such as Xiaxue’s Guide To Life, Budget Barbie, and Tried and Tested, and has their own website clicknetwork.tv where you can easily maneuver through your favourite locally-produced web series.

The most viewed video from this channel is titled “Boob Job – Budget Barbie: EP9“, and it boasts 1,127,022 views! Budget Barbie is one of their most popular shows, and is hosted by fashion and lifestyle blogger QiuQiu. The video follows Qiuqiu on her journey to get breast fillers. As the video contains M18 content, you can watch the video here instead. Watch with your own discretion, as it contains scenes that may make you feel uncomfortable like live surgical procedures and topless crying, albeit censored.

4. JianHao Tan

210,283 Subscribers

The description of this channel simply says “I’m JianHao Tan, Singaporean YouTube Sensation.” He’s the only vlogger on this list – and in effect the top vlogger in Singapore – so the title “Singaporean YouTube Sensation” is definitely earned. He has previously acted in Channel 5 productions Point of Entry and Exposed, and has his own cult following which lovingly named “HAONation”.

His most popular video is “Past vs Present: Teenagers“, with 1,625,649 views. This is actually more of a comedy skit than a vlog, thus showing that maybe Singaporeans aren’t taking to the trend of vlogging as well as their comedy staples, despite the large influx of vloggers in the local YouTube space.

3. Tree Potatoes

230,596 Subscribers

Tree Potatoes is a dynamic trio consisting of Wah! Banana’s original cast – Aaron Khoo (aka Djehuty), Janice Chiang (Foxy) and Elliot Lucas Marcell Tan (Elliot). According to an interview by Mothership.sg, the trio originally wanted to name the channel “Three Potatoes”, but the name was already taken. Tree Potatoes is still a pretty young channel, one of the youngest on this list in fact. Knowing their success during their Wah! Banana days, they are indeed stars in their own right. And they have amazing chemistry. Time will tell if they move up this list.

Their most popular video is “How To Pick Up Girls” at 1,495,952 views. The cast is joined by two-thirds of the insanely popular Wongfu Productions when they were on their 2014 Southeast Asia tour.

2. Ryan Sylvia

248,125 Subscribers

Also known as “Night Owl Cinematics”, the channel is named after husband-wife duo Ryan Tan and Sylvia Chan. According to an official interview on I-S Magazine, Ryan acts as director, cinematographer and editor, while Sylvia acts as co-director, script writer, and producer. “Night Owl Cinematics” is their cinematography company, and was named after their late-night sleeping habits.

Their most popular video is “11 Reasons Why Singaporeans Complain!” which is currently at 2,022,950 views, and tops the videos in this list. However, it came in number 6 on 2013’s Top Trending Videos in Singapore, after big players like “What Does The Fox Say” by Ylvis, Jayesslee’s cover of “Gangnam Style”, and the next video on this list.

1. wahbanana

409,253 Subscribers

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of Wah!Banana, one of the pioneering comedy-skit channels that is also the top of this list. The channel is lead by a two-man production team – writer/director/producer Lingyi Xiong and director/cinematographer/editor Jason Hau – and owned by Garena, the popular Asian consumer Internet platform provider that also houses popular multiplayer games League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth, and Black Shot.

The most popular video on their channel is titled “16 Types of People at Sentosa“, with 1,737,828 views. It isn’t the most viewed video on this list, but it came in number 5 on 2013’s Top Trending Videos in Singapore. You would realise that it stars their original cast. Yes, the very same that starred in the Tree Potatoes video two ranks below.


By now, you would have probably realised the secret formula for viral videos – boobs. We swear, it was a pure coincidence. Every one of the videos above features the female anatomy in either their opening screen shot, or in the videos itself. Each of the videos have over a million and a half views, so aspiring YouTube stars, do take note.

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