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A new video starring “Unbelievable” music video star Chen Tian Wen has gone viral. It’s uncertain whether this was solely because the local actor was in it, or because the video had a really strange story line. Either way, you can be sure that it will make you feel very un-un-un-un-uncomfortable by the end of it.

Un…Un…Un.. Unbelievable Latest Digital Lock, Door, Gate and Home Automation at MY DIGITAL LOCK

Posted by My Digital Lock on Saturday, 23 May 2015

The advertisement for local digital locks provider, My Digital Lock, tells a very odd story: Chen’s character hears the doorbell ring as he comes out of the shower (because that’s a mental image we all need), and checks his smartphone to see that a “pretty” Chinese girl is standing outside the door.

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 1.23.42 PM

In the worst example of home safety ever, he lets the girl in, and proceeds to get dressed while the girl roams around the house as freely as she wants. She presumably checks out all the amazing home automation services that is available in his house, from automated sliding doors to curtains that draw themselves open as you approach. It’s amazing that she didn’t just grab the TV and go.

But despite having pulled on a shirt, Chen’s character still neglects to put on pants, because that’s the best way to greet/seduce any pretty girl that you find wandering around your empty home. She turns out to be less pretty than expected (with a horrible pun for a name that will piss off any girl named Monica), but he happily shows off his digital lock to her (no, that’s not an innuendo).

Tian Wen, what are you looking at?!

The video is so bad that it’s actually good. It has received over 1.5K shares since it was posted on Saturday, and My Digital Lock has even received a few comments asking for price quotations.

In their responses, the owners of My Digital Lock — who are called a “youth’s company” (年轻人的公司) in the video — don’t seem to be afraid to speak their minds and tell naysayers as it is. Talk about a company who’s got it all figured out.

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