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Cockroaches in real life are bad, so what makes cockroaches on Instagram any better? If they have a sense of humour, of course. The Instagram account Cockroaches Of Singapore is a brilliant parody of pages like Humans of New York and Humans of Singapore — they feature beautifully taken shots with accompanying heartstring-pulling or awe-inspiring stories. People seem to love that shit. 

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Chronicling everyday life as a cockroach (dead or alive), the account takes you to the dingiest corners and grimiest floors where they usually hang out, sometimes being harmless and sometimes scaring the crap out of you by reminding you that they can fly. Shudder.

The people — or roaches — behind the Instagram account also claim to ‘love local music and local food’, and have been making their rounds on Instagram. Go check them out; they might’ve been following you all along.

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Image Credit: @cockroachesofsingapore

They’re pretty up-to-date with current affairs too: just look at the ridiculous posts they share, like the one where they showed support for local radio station Lush 99.5FM. According to an Instagram user who was followed by Cockroaches of Singapore, the parody account has also followed a bunch of cat photos on his feed. The social media-savvy pests have even got their hashtag game sorted out.

Of course, cockroaches aren’t for everyone. If you’re looking for something cute, cuddly, or opinionated and sassy at times, the Cats of Singapore are having a ball on Instagram as well. What’s next? Politicians of Singapore? Oh wait…

Image Credit: @catsofsingapore
Image Credit: @catsofsingapore

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