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You’ve heard Apple unveil their 1st refresh for the Apple TV since it first launched in 2012. You’ve read the event coverage and you know that the coolest update has got to be the Siri Remote — the capability to recognise voice commands. What you probably didn’t know (or which hasn’t been picked up by local media), is that the Apple TV in Singapore will not come with the Siri Remote.

Say whattt? What’s the Apple TV without Siri?

According to a press release by Apple, “Siri availability and functionality varies by country”.

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A check on Apple Singapore’s website reveals that the remote to be released with Apple TV in Singapore is named “Apple Remote”. It looks exactly the same as the “Siri Remote” in terms of design, but lacks the microphone required for voice commands.

Another Apple resource community has reported that only 8 countries will have the Apple TV with Siri Remote: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States.

As quoted from Appleinsider: “All others will receive the Apple TV Remote, which — aside from not having access to Siri — is functionally identical. Pressing the Siri button on this secondary remote will bring up the onscreen search app, presumably allowing users to enter their query manually.”

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No one knows the reason why Singapore is not on the list, or why Apple would even release an Apple TV without the Siri Remote. The Apple experience just isn’t complete without the voice commands. I would love to tell Siri to “skip that nonsense for three minutes” or “show me something funny”.

If the Apple TV with Siri Remote could work in Singapore, though, what are your options for bringing it back?

1. Personal shopper/Freight forwarding services

Use providers such as Borderlinx, which will provide you with your own US or UK address, and ship it to you via DHL.

Cost: $30-40 est.

2. “A friend in need is a friend indeed”

Get a friend who’s visiting Japan, the UK or the US to purchase a set and bring it back.

Cost: A cuppa coffee?

3. Widen your network of “friends”

Can’t find anyone who’s going to the above eight countries? Put up a request on luggage-space sharing startup Airfrov. They have a community of travellers who frequently visit Japan and the US, and are willing to bring back items for you in exchange for some rewards. Just few months ago, their travellers hand-carried back several Apple Watches before the local launch date.

Cost: Your call. Give the traveller some tips for sharing their luggage space.

The new Apple TV will be available from the end of October. It starts at US$149 for a 32GB model and US$199 for a 64GB model from Apple.com, Apple’s retail stores and select Apple Authorised Resellers.

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