Same-day deliveries are moving from becoming a luxury to a necessity. These startups can help you with that.

Ajay Madhukar  |  Singapore
Published 2016-02-10 12:04:59

Traditionally, you’d have to wait a good number of days to have something delivered to you, or to have a courier sent to someone you know. This was mainly a result of the inefficiencies that exist with the spoke-hub model, a distribution model that many traditional logistics firms often employ.

Simply put, a spoke-hub distribution model is one whereby a firm gathers couriers from multiple locations and then transports them to a central hub, where they are reorganised and then delivered to the respective locations. This process consumes a significant amount of time, and although it has its inefficiencies, it’s one model that the market is most aware of and is willing to pay for.

However, these 5 startups listed below are innovating within the logistics space, in order to deliver a more efficient method of getting stuff delivered.

1. NeonRunner

Image Credit: NeonRunner
Image Credit: NeonRunner

At its core, NeonRunner is a modern day logistics company that operates a fleet of motorcycle couriers and they specialise in point-to-point delivery. With over a 100 runners, NeonRunner can deliver your couriers from point A to point B at your convenience. While they primarily cater to the needs of e-commerce firms and businesses, they also behave as a concierge service for everyday consumers as well.

Given that they have a significant number of runners on their payroll, they are able to provide their service throughout the Greater Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley area. Customers can track the progress of their tasks throughout the entire time through an email receipt, and they’re charged on the time and distance involved to complete each task.

2. PostoExpress

Image Credit: PostoExpress
Image Credit: PostoExpress

In essence, PostoExpress is an on-demand dispatch platform that connects customers with thousands of dispatch riders, and customers can use this platform to send parcels, documents and literally anything that can fit on a bike, anytime they want.

Customers can simply request a pickup through the mobile app that’s available on both the App Store and the Google Play Store, and they’ll be able to find a dispatch rider in less than 3 minutes on average. PostoExpress will then ensure that the package is delivered within 3 hours as long as it’s within the same territory. Customers can track each of their requests in real time right through the mobile app.

3. Zyllem

Image Credit: Zyllem Facebook Page
Image Credit: Zyllem Facebook Page

Borrowing its name from the botanical word ‘xylem’, a tissue that transports nutrients across a plant, Zyllem is a logistics startup from Singapore that connects freelancers, local couriers, and professional delivery drivers in a network. Customers can use this network to get their packages delivered right from their doorstep.

Having stepped into the Malaysian market about two months ago, this startup is looking to deliver products that customers order online, on the same day or to deliver a courier within a couple of hours.

Customers can make use of the platform either through their web platform or their mobile app available on both iOS and Android. They have an absolute transparency pricing on the platform and the prices are standard and based on the weight and dimension of the parcels, or type of delivery service (2-hour, 3-hour, or 2-way delivery service).

Their same-day delivery and 1-hour express deliveries are from a fixed price of RM9 for items up to 5kg throughout Klang Valley and a quotation is provided once a booking is made on the Zyllem website or application.

4. Dropit.my

Image Credit: Dropit.my Facebook page
Image Credit: Dropit.my Facebook page

Zulfa Juniadi founded Dropit.my 8 months ago, and it’s a startup that also provides an alternative option to traditional courier and dispatch services. This startup offers a service where customers can use to get their couriers delivered from point to point on the same day. This startup offers flexible delivery options such as on-demand, scheduled, multi-drop or evening delivery and they also accept cash on delivery.

This startup gives customers the option to customise their delivery experience and it does so at affordable prices. And they also get to keep track of their orders from start to finish through real-time satellite tracking, and you will also be notified via SMS.

5. GoGet.my

goget jobs

Simply put, GoGet is a platform available on both web and mobile (iOS and Android), where users can outsource their tasks and deliveries. While it’s an online marketplace where people can help fulfill each other’s errands, it’s also a platform that provides a point-to-point delivery service. Users of the platform can create a job on the platform, and a GoGetter will claim to get the task done. Once the task is completed, users can then pay cash on delivery and they can even reward the GoGetter for helping out.

According to their website, GoGetter is still in their beta phase and their availability is limited during this time, and they currently only cover the Klang Valley area. So as long as users are within the coverage area, they can post up a job to get a courier delivered, and a GoGetter will ensure that it’s delivered within an appropriate time frame.

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