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It’s hard to keep up with apps these days.

Each visit to the Google Play Store always leaves us feeling overwhelmed. I, for one, tend to bombard myself with trivial questions like: Am I going to like this app? Is this what I’m looking for? On a scale of one to ten, how handy is this app going to be? Will it suit my personality?  

Truth #1: It’s not easy picking out the best apps based on our profile.

Truth #2: There’s a solution to this problem.

Tingz.me centres around these five words: Your time. Your place. You. Founded in 2013, it’s a predictive mobile discovery app that uses big data and machine-learning algorithms. After it analyzes our real life and mobile interactions, it sorts out the best apps specially tailored to our preferences and habits.

I Put Tingz.me To The Test

Image Credit: Priscilla Tan

I was curious to see how Tingz.me works, so I decided to put the app to the test. Before we begin, here’s a screenshot of my Android phone home page – feel free to judge my wallpaper. I’m a self-diagnosed bibliophile, so naturally, a huge chunk of the apps I’m using are reading-related.

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Photography and music-wise, I use Instagram, VSCO Cam, and Spotify. I’m big on productivity and health apps, too. Apps like Battery Doctor, Period Tracker (I’m not embarrassed to admit it), Currency Converter, and Dropbox have made my life considerably easier. Cool Symbols is another app that never fails to spice up my conversations with my friends and family.

Installing Tingz.me only took a couple of seconds. After downloading it, new users will be greeted with short introduction slides. The best part about the app is that there’s no need for you to sign up for an account. Everything is straightforward and fuss-free.

What Tingz.me Recommended

Image Credit: Tingz.me

I’m kind of a hypochodriac. I tend to spend a lot of time Googling health symptoms, so to see WebMD on the list is hardly a surprise. I’m familiar with DashClock Widget and SleepBot on Google Play, but I have no interest in downloading them. Ultimately, it comes down to your personal taste. For me, these three apps are a hit and miss.

Pushbullet, on the other hand, is the only app I’ve never heard of. With over 500,000 downloads, I feel like I’m living under a rock and missing out. According to its description, it’s an app that shows users all of their mobile phone’s notifications right on the computer.

Since I’m always on the computer, I have trouble replying my texts on time (I’m hard of hearing). Pushbullet definitely sounds like the app I could really depend on. Out of all the four recommended apps, this is spot-on.

During my short email exchange with Ran Melamed, the co-founder of Tingz.me, he shared that the first recommendation that the app sends is usually the same to all users.

“The first Ting is just to get you started, as we still haven’t had the chance to familiarise with you. With time, the recommendations get more unique and personalized based on your habits and preferences. It usually takes another 2-3 days.” he said.


Tingz.me is an app full of potential. Like what the developers have mentioned before, it’s way more than a search tool, it’s a discovery platform. Thanks to its push notifications feature, I don’t have to be on Tingz.me 24/7. As it sends out a ‘TING’ whenever it discovers a new app, I can just leave the app to do its job.

I’m really liking the concept; it’s accurate and relevant. I am, however, not too fond of the amateurish design. It looks out of focus. But I’m going to let that slide because according to Tingz.me official website, there will be an updated feature in the future.

See it for yourself by downloading the free app here.

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