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This Mother’s Day, isn’t it time your mom got into the cool crowd and start using the apps and services of several local startups?

We have homegrown startups from a diverse set of industries, and they all have one thing in common; they are designed to improve your lives. Be it through the meals you eat, or your health and beauty regiments, there’s bound to be something to pamper your mom with.

So here we go, introduce these 8 startups to you mom right now.

1. HonestBee


Getting groceries is the lifeblood of a mother. Without them you wouldn’t have been fed, and become as healthy as you are. As your mom gets older however, it can get physically demanding to make constant trips to the supermarket. Honestbee can help with that. Their worker bees are able to help your mom procure the groceries and deliver them to your homes in an hour. What’s more, your mom will now have access to a wide variety of F&B specialty stores to order from, great for those special family dinners.

2. Grain


While we’re on the topic of getting fed, meet Grain. Cooking for the family daily is arduous in itself. So for the days that your mom wishes to take a break, order in. No, not those unhealthy oil-laden fast food, Grain serves wholesome, nutritious meals. Pick from their daily menu consisting of local dishes, and internationally influenced creations. Just a side note, they are only open on weekdays.

3. Boxgreen


Planning a weekend drama marathon together of Descendants of the Sun with your mom? You’ll need some snacks to go through all those episodes. Boxgreen has got you covered with their monthly boxes of healthy delicious snacks. Your mom would probably fall in love with a fan favourite mix called Cheng Tng.

4. Active Ager Asia


When all the eating’s done, why not do some exercise with your mom. The beauty of Active Ager Asia is that you and your mom don’t necessarily have to be doing some high intensity gym sessions, it could be something as simple as walking. The company chose walking as a key focus due to it being the most accessible to everyone. You can set challenges, earn rewards and badges, and there’s a leaderboard too if your mom is the competitive sort. Best of all, they support wearables and apps like Fitbit and Jawbone, so you have an excuse to get that activity tracker and smartwatch for you and your mom.

5. Beaupass


After all that exercising, treat your mom with a date at the spa. Beaupass has access to several beauty & wellness centers, for anything from facials, massages, manicures and pedicures, your mom will be able to spoil herself, head to toe. It’s simple too, just book a service through their website, their partners will then give a call for confirmation and arrange an appointment. Thereafter, once your mom has enjoyed herself, rate the experience and send some feedback.

6. Sendhelper


Get your mom some help when doing household chores by introducing her to Sendhelper. As their name implies, they send help, be it cleaning, cooking, or laundry. Bookings are done through their app and no cash is exchanged, payment is done through credit card after the service. You can be assured that anyone coming into your home will be an absolute professional.

7. CreoPop


So your house is cleaned, dinner’s cooked, and laundry’s done, now what? If you fancy some creative fun with your mom, get her a 3D Pen from Creopop. Your mom’s inner artist will love this, it’s like knitting for the 21st century. Create ornaments and decorative pieces for your household, or basically anything you want. Best of all, it will not make a mess. Have a look at their gallery and be inspired!

8. Airfrov


If your mom has an affinity for imported goods, she’ll love Airfrov. With their service your mom will no longer just rely on you, the next time you leave for a holiday, to get products from overseas. A peer-to-peer shopping experience, registered Airfrov travelers can accept requests from anyone looking for an item in any specific country that they are traveling to. Your mom will be able to get those Korean cosmetics she loves, without you actually having to head to Seoul to get them.

So get cracking, there’s only two days until Mother’s Day arrives. Your mom will want to know them.

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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