Here's how to cut corners and become a pro at e-shopping.

Guest Post  |  Singapore
Published 2016-05-11 11:43:56

Everyone loves to shop. Whether you are still studying or a working adult, once in a while shopping can serve as stress reducing therapy. People in South East Asia are fortunate to have a lot of shopping mall options, but online shopping is actually not only more convenient, it can actually save you money too—if you know how to maneuver the e-commerce space wisely. Think you’re a professional online shopper? Then you should know these 5 tips below.

1. Use discount codes


When ordering online, a lot of webshops will give you the option to fill in a discount code during the checkout process, which will give you a certain percentage off or certain fixed discount. However most shoppers ignore that box because they don’t know of any discount codes. This is a big mistake because there is a simple way to source for discount codes. One good option is to use discount code websites such as Saleduck (they have a Malaysia website and a Singapore one) that lists discount codes for various online platforms. Or if you don’t any particular e-commerce platform in mind, you can just browse through the website to see if anything catches your eye.

2. Take full advantage of free shipping and returns

Image Credit: Asia TVRL
Image Credit: Asia TVRL

Ordering online adds a layer of convenience, but other costs would include shopping fee and/or return fee. It is possible, however, to skip these costs. International webshops like Asos or Zalora do offer free shipping and sometimes even free returns. There are also redeemable codes available for first timers on certain e-commerce platforms so don’t forget to make use of those too. Some platforms offer free shipping when the total in your shopping cart is of a certain minimum amount. In such cases, team up with a friend or a fellow shopper who also wants to buy something from that platform. Then you won’t have to pay for shipping!

3. Subscribe to newsletters

Image Credit: I9SocialMedia
Image Credit: I9SocialMedia

Yes, they can be spammy, but they also contain voucher codes and “member only deals” that you may miss out on. So don’t mark them as junk, take the time to check them out, it might be worth your while.

4. ‘Like, like, like’ online stores on social media

Image Credit: PC Advisor UK
Image Credit: PC Advisor UK

Personally, I have missed out on several deals and promotions just simply because I didn’t know about that it was posted on Facebook. Following the brands and e-commerce platforms you love on social media has its benefits. Discount codes and promotions like “Buy 1 Free 1” are often marketed through Instagram and Facebook so click on that blue ‘like’ button to be one of the firsts to know. Sometimes they even give freebies out to the first 200 likes or comments, so you know what people say, “You snooze, you lose”.

5. Opt for COD

Image Credit: Idropoff
Image Credit: Idropoff

There is always that fear of missing out on your packages when you order online. One easy solution is to choose the “pay on delivery” option that some online stores offer. This way you only fork money out of your wallet when you’ve actually received your goods. This tip is the same for food deliveries too. There’s no use complaining about your soggy fries when you’ve already paid for it online.

Feature image credits: NoraGouma.com

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