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“Why are you always so careless?” I’m shuddering as I recall how my mom used to reprimand me for losing things.

It’s not that we did it on purpose, right? Just a minute before leaving, we made sure we had everything. We had everything. We had.

If you’re like me, then today’s feature might be of interest to you. We’re going to meet the person who promises us never to lose our items again. (Why do guys like to make promises so easily?)

Rick Lee
Image Credit: Rick Tan

Rick is the co-founder of Protag, a company that prides itself in developing smart anti-loss security devices for consumers like you and I to carry on-the-go. Although he is immensely young, the company has already achieved a number of successes.

For one, Protag has launched a total of three campaigns on crowdfunding site, Indiegogo, over the past three years and responses have been astounding.

The company’s Indiegogo campaigns raised a total of 10k in 2012, 42k in 2013, and 100k n 2014, respectively. Rick pointed out that the key to running a successful campaign is a good pitch and video presentation. But, that’s not all. When the campaign is over, Rick stressed that a strong communications team is pertinent to capture the public’s eye on the product.

When asked what is his life’s motto, Rick shares:

“80% of effort and time should always go to 20% of the most important things in life.

I live by this motto in whatever I do.”

With such a strong motto, I’m actually starting to believe in his promise already; or perhaps lets take a sneak peek into his mobile homescreen first!

Protag Rick Lee's Mobile Screenshot
Rick’s homescreen (Image Credit: Rick Tan)

That’s one clean and neat homescreen.

Today, we have Rick to share the apps he uses daily amidst his entrepreneurial journey with Protag.

1. Flipboard
“Flipboard is what I use to get industry information. I configure it to get the latest tech news of the sites I follow.”

2. Nike Run App
“I also exercise quite a bit to keep healthy and tracking them is my way of motivating myself to keep fit. Running helps me to de-stress after a day’s work.”

3. Protag
“Protag helps me to have a peace of mind as it will alert me if I accidentally leave behind my valuables or my phone. It is especially important that I do not lose my phone as it has all my contacts and photos on it.”

4. Whatsapp
“I use Whatsapp a lot to communicate with my friends. It is my main messaging application.”

5. Spotify
“I use Spotify as it is a great way to discover new music. It allows me to follow my favourite artiste and be updated of the latest playlists.”

Thank you Rick for giving us the privilege to peer into your homescreen. Looks like Flipboard is really doing a great job with so many of our interviewees using it.

If you are living in Singapore, you may get Protag devices at these stores too! Duet retails for S$39.90 and is perfect as a gift to a busy or forgetful friend.

Should you be interested in any of Protag’s products, the devices are available in selected electronic stores internationally – Malaysia, Thailand, USA, Japan, Netherlands, Poland, Denmark, Australia and Russia. You may find out more by connecting with the team here.

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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