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As members of the media, one of our job perks is getting to be part of some pretty cool experiences. They don’t happen every day, but there are sure to be occasional moments that do stand out and make our workdays even more fun.

So here are 10 of the most memorable instances that we’ve experienced in the past year, in no particular order.

1. Partied our hearts out at Ultra Singapore.

Courtesy of Mercedes-Benz, we got not just premium access at Ultra Singapore 2017, but even two beautiful cars to drive there and back.

One of our sweet rides.

Besides an all-expenses paid stay at the 5-star Ritz Carlton, we had VIP entry to the Mercedes-Benz suite at Ultra.

And of course, we got to hear some of the world’s top DJs.

2. Went on a company trip to Phuket.

GRVTY Media (our parent company) was incorporated in April 2017 in both Singapore and Malaysia. So to celebrate a fantastic first year, we got to go to sunny Phuket!

One big happy family.

We’ll be honest, we spent most of our time eating and lounging by the pool at our resort. And we even got to play a multi-team game of laser tag there too.

3. Drove a luxurious motor home.

It’s not often that you get the opportunity to drive something that’s worth more than an average apartment.

But that’s exactly a challenge we had to rise up to.

Model Benimar Mileo 313.

The Benimar Mileo 313 is worth over a staggering RM600,000, and only one of us was brave enough the take the wheel (the rest of us were milling around the back).

Spacious enough for a potential date maybe?

4. Attended awards ceremonies and startup demo days.

One of the privileges of being part of the local startup ecosystem is getting to watch the culmination of the hard work entrepreneurs put into their businesses.

The Asean Rice Bowl Startup Awards 2017.

Demo days and award nights are public opportunities for local entrepreneurs to showcase some of their hard work or celebrate their efforts.

Image Credit: MaGIC

And while at events like these, you do get to meet some of the young movers and shakers of the industry. Instead of just seeing them on stage, networking events (which usually are slotted in between such events) are also a great opportunity to get to really know some of the people featured in the articles we regularly write.

5. Got access to premium entrepreneurial events.

We attended two major entrepreneurial themed events last year: GEC2017 and Wild Digital 2017.

Some of the audience at GEC2017, held in KLCC.

At events like these, world class speakers share their learnings and insights. It’s not every day that you get to hear firsthand from celebrated teachers and businesspeople who have already made their mark on the region and globally.

Patrick with Grab’s co-founder, Anthony at their panel in Wild Digital 2017.

6. Went for the launch of the largest e-sports club in Southeast Asia.

One launch that definitely left an impression was Battle Arena, which is a state-of-the-art e-sports facility that has 114 high-end gaming PCs, dedicated streamer booths and VIP rooms for professional teams to practice and strategise.

We particularly liked the futuristic centre stage that transforms into an e-sports arena during competitions, and comes complete with its own casting and commentary booth.

7. Checked out and worked in some of the most amazing co-working spaces around town.

No matter how amazing your own office is, there comes a time when you’d get bored. You might want a change of scene. For us, that isn’t a problem.

Once in a while, we pack up our bags and get to work in spaces like Timothy Tiah’s luxurious Colony.

Or the cheerful and very work-conducive Sandbox.

8. Watched a movie in our very own private cinema.

Most people have dreamt of having a cinema all to themselves, and thanks to Amenic Film Space, we got a taste of  that exclusivity not too long ago.

And yes, we chose to watch Pacific Rim that night. You can’t go wrong with giant robots versus giant monsters.

9. Celebrated our company’s one year anniversary on a real plane!

GRVTY Media Malaysia just turned 1 not too long ago.

To celebrate, we got the whole team together onto a real plane in the middle of KL City for a nice dinner and got an amazing experience.

For most of us, besides the scrumptious food from the five-star Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur, one of the highlights was just being able to sit in the cockpit, flipping the buttons and switches, and living out our dreams of having those coveted pilot wings.

10. Ate more good food than we can remember.

I saved the best for last. One major perk of being on this team?


Trying out Indobowl.


Eating at GO Noodle.


One of our meals in Phuket.

Not done yet.

An example of the delicious dishes served at a Picha Project event.

And that’s not counting the snacks and desserts.

We do have to work out to make sure we don’t gain too much weight. These particular calories were sent to us courtesy of Crumb Central and Housek Gourmet Snacks, but don’t worry, it’s not all the time.


If you enjoyed this compilation of cool activities and want in, we’ve got great news! Vulcan Post is now on the lookout for writers.

There’s space on this team for you!

To give you a heads up, here’s the sort of person we’d love to bring on board:

  • You’ve been a Vulcan Post reader. So you understand our content well. The local startup community is an ecosystem that excites you and you want to write about them.
  • Well articulated and able to communicate clearly and effectively (it really does help to cut down excess work due to misaligned expectations).
  • You can do more than write and edit. Managed social media pages before or done a spate of video editing? Let us know your other talents.
  • You don’t mind coming to work in casual wear and you don’t feel awkward that everyone (yes, even the boss) dresses down in the office.
  • You’re able to spend time outside work attending events and networking to meet new faces. Or to join us for dinner (we’re foodies!).
  • You love dogs and cats (we’re a pet-friendly office).

If this sounds like something you’d be up for, send me an email (with your resume) at team@vulcanpost.com. If you impress me, I might just buy you a meal (or coffee!).

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

© 2021 GRVTY Media Pte. Ltd.
(UEN 201431998C.)