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You no longer need to search high and low for a spiritual guide to provide you a divination for the uncertain future, or browse through the latest horoscope reading and try to decipher what the reading meant for you.

Just tap on your phone and ease your spiritual discomfort via Singapore’s astrology and tarot reading startup Emerging Vision.

Just like how we can have our consultations with our doctors online, the three-year-old startup offers “good energies” and spiritual support through livestreaming services.

Emerging Vision owns the Teller Live app, which is for IOS devices, and Guruji, for Android devices.

These platforms aim to provide a suite of spiritual wellness virtual services like tarot reading and life coaching sessions.

It seems even venture capitalists are also taking this seriously. Just last week, Emerging Vision raised US$4 million in Series A funding, led by Lightspeed Venture Partners.

The funding will be used to expand into new and existing markets, and to enhance the livestreaming technology and the artificial intelligence powered system.

Founder is an “accredited” tarot reader

A self-proclaimed tarot reading expert, founder and CEO Alan Cui is not just some hocus pocus gimmicky fortune teller.

He became an official graduate from the London School of Astrology two months ago. The school teaches “accredited” courses in palmistry and tarot reading.

Alan is not a first time entrepreneur. Back in 2015, he founded Beijing-based Happy Planet, an educational video platform that provides educational content for families.

He tapped on his wealth of experience in video streaming and his passion for astrology to set up Emerging Vision, as he believed in the growing interest in this space.

What are the services available?

Emerging Vision’s apps offer free live public sessions for new users as part of an induction to the app and the spiritual wellness community.

The Singapore-headquartered startup’s apps provide users with interactive, face-to-face consultations with verified astrologers, tarot readers, life coaches and mentors through livestreaming services.

Image Credit: Teller Live

Currently, there are more than 550 verified astrologers from over 10 areas of expertise, in areas such as astrology, tarot reading, palmistry and numerology.

The platforms also provide private paid live sessions for customised consultations.

With the latest fund raise from its Series A round, the company’s total funding is at US$5 million. A part of the funding will be used to launch an e-commerce marketplace selling related items soon for new and existing users.

A Generation Z thing?

On its unusual offering of spiritual well-being services, Alan commented: “Although spiritual services involve centuries-old ancient practices that have existed in myriad forms across countries and religions, the market is highly fragmented and traditionally operates offline.”

The business targets the younger audience – Generation Z-ers who are more open to seeking spiritual enlightenment from tarot and astrology reading.

This app guides as a new transformative approach towards pursuing spiritual wellness amid a fast growing global demand for wellness solutions.

Image Credit: Unsplash

Furthermore, these online services are offered on live streams, giving greater accessibility to the tech savvy Gen Z-ers.

“I believe in tarot readings because the readings that I do for myself and my friends always turn out to be true,” said Emily Choo, 22, an avid tarot practitioner and freelance designer.

Her advice to people who are new to tarot readings: “ I think it’s important to know that the answers from your tarot readings are never definitive. The cards act as a guide to your path but not your destiny. It’s up to you to decide how much you believe in your readings.”

Manifesting success

The spiritual self-care segment is in fact a rapidly expanding portion in the global wellness industry, according to Global Wellness Institute.

The wellness market has expanded by 6.4 per cent since 2017 from US$3.7 trillion to a value of US$4.2 trillion. 

These research support Emerging Vision’s growth rate. In just 18 months since the launch of Guriji and three months since the launch of Teller, the firm has had a US$6 million annualised revenue run rate.

It has also grown to 180,000 consultations per month with around 30 per cent of new users returning to book for another consultation in the following month.

The company is expanding, as seen on LinkedIn, and is hiring product managers, engineers, and marketing managers in China.

“Empowered by the latest Live streaming and AI technology, we are here to redefine the online Spiritual Wellness industry,” it said.

Featured Image Credit: Emerging Vision

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