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Crystal healing has been around for centuries. Advocates of this technique believe that crystals act as channels for healing, enabling positive, restorative energy to flow into the body.

The popularity of crystals has gained a significant presence on my social media feeds in the past year. sukurabu is one of them popping up frequently, with its Crystal Healing Series for its customisable body scrub products.

This is a new addition to the brand’s lineup, over half a year after we initially featured its story and initial customisable body scrub options.

Since then, sukurabu has seen further growth and become a VP Label partner, where curated picks from their collection can be bought for an exclusive price.

Shop Sukurabu’s scrubs on VP Label at an exclusive price now:

What’s interesting about the Crystal Healing Series is that it’s a collaborative project between sukurabu and Sound of Flowers, another VP Label partner of ours. 

Serial entrepreneurs finding healing

sukurabu was founded by Jessie Chong, a serial entrepreneur who previously launched an alcohol delivery brand, coworking space, and an F&B venture. In our last interview, she shared that sukurabu is her current passion project and opportunity to access a global audience.

Meanwhile, Sound of Flowers was founded by Stephanie Looi (Steph), a co-founder of the Malaysian wellness brand, PurelyB. Sound of Flowers is her way of introducing Bach flower remedies into the Malaysian market by mixing personalised blends depending on what her clients need, which we’ve explored in our previous feature.

Bach flower remedies are built on the belief that there are 38 types of flowers to heal 38 types of human emotions, done through the flowers’ vibrations and energy. This is why Jessie and Steph believe they make a perfect combination with crystals.

Image Credit: sukurabu

Not to mention, they’re both proponents of healthy living. Since they hypothesised that bath time is generally a pleasurable form of “me time”, a time to wash away the negativity, and renew ourselves and our energy, bringing together Bach flower remedies, crystals, and customisable body scrubs just made sense.

I’ve used sukurabu’s body scrubs and found the 2-in-1 scrub and shower gel product to offer quite a luxurious experience, which has elevated my skincare routine. It can be conveniently used in the shower as part of your daily routine, negating the need to carry out two different routines.

Recharging over a bath 

As for creating the Crystal Healing Series, Jessie told Vulcan Post, “We got [the crystals] from a supplier who has multiple sources like Taiwan, Myanmar, China, and Thailand.” 

“These crystals went through a process of energy cleansing to charge them up from the Tibetan Singing Bowl, as Stephanie is a certified Tibetan Bowl Master.”

Image Credit: sukurabu

Using the idea of Bach flowers’ healing powers, the duo developed the top three benefits they believe most people need in their everyday life. These materialised into body scrubs that bury crystals within the jar for RM190 each:

  • De-Stress: with Rose Quartz and Sweet Rose Scent;
  • Love & Positivity: with Citrine Crystal and Verbena Citrus Scent;
  • Peaceful Night: with Amethyst Crystal and Lavender Scent.

While the supposed effects of crystals continue to be hotly debated, the act of taking time to oneself and going through personal rituals is still a form of self-care that can lift one’s mood. This was the case for my colleague who has tried Sound of Flowers’ Bach remedies before.

Image Credit: sukurabu

Crystals on their own have healing effects. Hence, just placing it in a room or area will help in enhancing the energy around us,” Steph chimed in.

Some may argue that all this is just placebo, but Steph shared in a previous interview that many of Sound of Flowers’ clients were those who’d already tried traditional medications and therapy but saw little difference.

Hence, they turned to her for a change. However, Steph makes sure to clarify that her products aren’t meant to replace, but to complement. She even shared her own perspective on the scepticism surrounding her products:

If medications can’t heal them and alternative medicines make one feel better, is there actually anything wrong with having placebo effects? I think it is the most powerful healing as your mind and body are telling you that you can get well.

Stephanie Looi, founder and CEO of Sound of Flowers

This same belief serves as the foundation for the Crystal Healing Series, allowing users to improve their mental and emotional wellness while practising physical self-care.

Focusing on growth

Previously, Jessie mentioned that sukurabu has in its pipeline lotions, body butters, and hand creams. Now, she shared that the direction for the brand has changed after receiving customer feedback that they find no need to moisturise after using sukurabu’s scrubs.

Image Credit: sukurabu

Interestingly, she shared that she’s even received feedback about the scrubs alleviating a customer’s itch from eczema. “The amazing thing about consumer feedback is that they discover benefits [about our products] that were originally unknown to us,” Jessie commented.

Following up on her goal to ship her products to a global audience, Jessie is currently in midst of onboarding to Amazon LaunchPad, and getting the brand sustainability certified.

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Featured Image Credit: sukurabu

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