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When Debbie was pushed into single motherhood, suddenly becoming the sole provider for her child, she was thankfully able to receive support from other women during this time. 

One whom she met was Cindy, an international financier. The two got along and eventually ventured into business together in 2019, opening a skincare and beauty brand called MIMONE

First launching a single sheet mask as their main product, they leveraged the assignment of other women and single mothers through network marketing. This move helped MIMONE raise enough capital (with the help of various investors) to establish a spa in Bangsar, and another in Kepong shortly after.

The main essence

But a good marketing network can only take a product so far, right? Surely, the masks must have been of a quality that users desired enough to keep buying more of.

MIMONE’s first product is the Q10 Freeze Hydro Essence Mask (RM139 for nine pieces/box). Made entirely of essence, its founders claim it has a stronger absorbing material as compared to a normal sheet mask. 

Image Credit: MIMONE

“This also means it can aid your skin to better absorb the essence, giving it a greater boost of hydration and long-lasting moisture. Your skin will be visibly smoother and plumped up after the first application,” Cindy told Vulcan Post.

Cindy and Debbie state that the mask is multipurpose too, with repairing and healing properties for pimples and acne, anti-oxidants, anti-aging for firming and restoring elasticity, and whitening effects.

The inspiration behind this sheet mask came from Debbie’s encounter with similar products that had high efficacy on her sensitive skin while living in New Zealand for several years. 

Unveiling the sheet mask’s beauty

We got some products to try from MIMONE

Given the opportunity to try the masks ourselves, we were first impressed by their material. It was jelly-like and transparent, rather than the usual paper or cloth texture commonly found in most brands.

This makes sense, because there is an optional step of dissolving the used mask in a bit of hot water, then rubbing the remaining essence on the rest of your body.

Not only were the masks made from essence, but they were also soaked in essence, making them slippery to put on and hard to stay on our faces. Though, the essence of the masks was fast-absorbing and cooling.

Once we took them off after the 30-minute mark, our skin felt tighter, which gave a “lifting” feeling. Our skin also appeared brighter, was cool to the touch, and the mask dried out some of my pimples too. 

Work-day, spa-day!

At RM138 for a box of nine masks, it’s about RM15 per sheet, which we found is actually pretty affordable for an all-in-one sheet mask.

Formulated in Malaysia, the Q10 Freeze Hydro Essence Mask has recently obtained its Halal certification and has been trademarked. 

MIMONE’s factory is also Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified, and adheres to the regulations of the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA) in Malaysia.

Pampering customers

As mentioned earlier, MIMONE was able to garner enough of a following through their skincare products. Women and single mothers were given the opportunity to distribute the brand’s products without needing to give any upfront payment. Distributors were also provided with support to build their network marketing knowledge.

Network marketing is a method that relies on individuals harnessing their personal networks to grow a business or sell a product. These networks are used to generate leads and recruit customers or partners, usually implementing a training and mentorship process for new recruits.

“Our ultimate mission is to go beyond skincare. We believe that by standing true to our core values which are to serve, support, and empower women, we will be able to achieve our vision to build a full-fledged beauty brand,” stated Cindy and Debbie.

One of the MIMONE spas / Image Credit: MIMONE

They took their next step as a skincare brand when they opened a beauty spa in Bangsar in 2020. It offers massages, manicures and pedicures, along with pre and postnatal treatments.

Launching a spa was part of Debbie and Cindy’s original goals for MIMONE, since they believe that having a spa better connects them to customers. With this goal achieved, they shared, “We intend to empower women by building their confidence through beauty from the inside out.”

A new spa, but make it speakeasy

In 2022, a second MIMONE outlet was introduced in Kepong, with a twist.

MIMONE Speakeasy Spa Kepong’s interior design was inspired by Santorini, Greece. The destination is best known for its whitewashed, cube-shaped buildings adorned with blue accents, steep cliffs, and tangerine sunsets that light up the sky and sea.

When asked about the founders’ inspiration, they shared that the speakeasy spa concept came about when they wanted to build a “secret” beauty spa. They wanted their patrons to instantly be transported to Santorini upon visiting the spa. 

As for the services offered at the new location, they will be similar to the ones at the first outlet.

A room in the Kepong spa / Image Credit: MIMONE

For now, it seems that Debbie and Cindy are showing no signs of slowing down. 

They already have two outlets planned to open in Q3 2022, including a flagship store spanning over 6,000 sq ft. Furthermore, MIMONE will be adding new treatments including targeted aesthetic treatments, body care therapy, and more.

Due to popular demand, MIMONE will also be expanding its body care product range to cater to customers.

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Featured Image Credit: MIMONE

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