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Throughout the years, corsets became rather controversial as some believe it’s a painful, restrictive garment that oppresses women’s bodies. However, when properly designed and worn, it’s intended to be supportive and comfortable.

Corsets are now back in style, modified to reflect modern fashion trends and sentiments. They even come more comfortable and versatile than ever in the form of corset tops.

Expectedly then, the way corsets are worn and styled today is much different from centuries ago. While it used to be worn underneath other garments, it’s now a statement piece on its own.

Here are 6 Malaysian brands that are designing corset tops in various different styles.  

For the romantic: Inch Perfect

Image Credit: Inch Perfect

Founded in January 2020, Inch Perfect was inspired when a co-founder of the business was asked to design one-of-a-kind outfits for her relative’s wedding. Since then, the brand has been putting out self-manufactured and exclusive pieces.  

“Just as the name implies, we want to express designs that are perfectly on point wherever you are,” the Inch Perfect team said to Vulcan Post.

Inch Perfect’s corsets often feature Renaissance and oriental-styled art and elements, though it also has a range of simple corset tops as well.  

Price: RM120 to RM200.

Shipping details: RM8 for West Malaysia (estimated one to four working days), RM12 for East Malaysia (estimated three to five working days), with free shipping for orders over RM250.

Where to buy: Website.

For the elegant: Fétiche The Label

Image Credit: Fétiche the Label

Fétiche The Label’s founder and designer Shoong Nuo Wen started her corset journey as a fashion student. Her final year project featured corsets, so she decided to design some for her own label.

Nuo Wen believes that her label’s corsets are different from most as they are made in luxury fabrics such as bridal satin and duchess satin.

“What’s most important about my brand is wearability and consumer consumption, which is why I make all my corsets reversible to maximise the use of one piece of garment,” she explained.

Fétiche The Label aims to express elegance and femininity through its clothes. One of Nuo Wen’s favourite designs she’s done was the first one she sold, the Subtle Pointe Corset.

Price: Varies depending on silhouette and sleeve options (Price list available on Instagram).

Shipping details: N/A.

Where to buy: Instagram.

For the bold and alternative: Huntilanak

Image Credit: Huntilanak

This Instagram brand’s corsets are nothing short of unique. Featuring eccentric subjects in its design, Huntilanak’s designs challenge the typical expectations of what corsets look like while still maintaining certain structural elements of the corset.

Like the other brands we’ve looked at so far, Huntilanak is a proponent of exclusive designs and slow fashion, often using upcycled materials and deadstock fabrics to create new pieces.

Price: Around RM400 (based on corsets with listed prices).

Shipping details: N/A.

Where to buy: Instagram.

For the vintage lovers: YK.Vintage

Image Credit: YK.Vintage

YK.Vintage’s corsets often feature lovely floral patterns, having been reworked from thrifted items.  The brand produces both custom designs as well as premade ones.

Bubble sleeves seem to be quite a common element of YK.Vintage’s corset tops. The brand has also collaborated with artists to create unique hand-painted pieces with the art of landscapes and flowers.  

Price: RM189 to RM240 (based on corsets with listed prices).

Shipping details: Free postage in West Malaysia, RM5 for East Malaysia.

Where to buy: Instagram.

For the creatives: Atasan Studio

Image Credit: Atasan Studio

Having grown 88K followers in just one year on Instagram, Atasan Studio is a well-known fashion brand that sells handcrafted corset tops.  

The brand’s Instagram bio states that the brand is a “Ukiyo-e enthusiast”, referring to the Japanese art style that uses woodblock prints.

Many anime references are used by Atasan Studio, such as Spirited Away, Sailar Moon, Demon Slayer, and more. Besides these designs, it also has more minimalistic ones, though the bold patterns definitely stand out more.

Price: RM550 to RM1,300 (for sets).

Shipping details: N/A.

Where to buy: Instagram.

For the simplistic: Fondest

Image Credit: Fondest

This fashion label carries many other garments, but has also been carrying corsets. At the time of writing, only the black corset remains on its website. The reason for this is that Fondest creates exclusive designs, releasing less than 150 pieces per design and colour.

Called the Alexis top, Fondest’s corset tops are simple and minimalistic. The iconic silhouette of corsets is accomplished with boning and a square neckline. This basic corset makes for a great staple in the wardrobe that will go with pretty much everything.

On top of being proudly made in Malaysia, the brand is also eco-conscious, avoiding plastic waste in its packaging.

Price: RM148.

Shipping details: RM8.90 for West Malaysia (one to two working days), RM18.90 for East Malaysia (three to four working days).

Where to buy: Website.

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Featured Image Credit: Inch Perfect / Atasan Studio / Fetiche The Label

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