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It’s been a known fact that conventional sanitary pads can contain harmful chemicals which may lead to irritation, eczema, or diaper rash for menstruators.

To curb this, some switch to menstrual cups, and there are many available in the Malaysian market, as our separate listicle here has shown. 

But maybe the thought of menstrual cups scares you, or you’ve given them a go and found that they just aren’t a good fit. 

The good news is that there is a growing market for alternative pads offering a better and safer way of going about your flow. Here’s a non-exhaustive list of Malaysian companies catering to that need, which we’ve categorised into disposable and reusable sanitary pads.

Disposable organic cotton sanitary pads

1. Amez 

Amez’s pads use a specially-created jelly with nine absorbent and protective layers for its day and nighttime pads. With it, the pads are said to have a stronger level of absorption. 

Furthermore, the sanitary pads are infused with herbal ingredients including tea plant, chamomile, lavender, aloe vera, and peppermint to keep wearers fresh and comfortable during their periods.

With nano silver, far infrared, and negative ion tech, Amez claims its pads can also kill harmful bacteria, help improve blood circulation, promote body metabolism, and soothe menstrual pains.

Image Credit: Amez


  • Pantyliners: 16cm;
  • Day pads: 24cm;
  • Night pads: 29cm;
  • Long night pads: 36cm.


  • Pantyliners: RM13.90 (30 pcs/pack);
  • Day use: RM14.90 (12 pcs/pack);
  • Night use: RM14.90 (10 pcs/pack);
  • Long night: RM14.90 (8 pcs/pack).

Free deliveries are available for orders over RM100 to Peninsular and East Malaysia.

Where to buy: Get it on their website

Contact: Reach them on Facebook or Instagram.

2. Bieu

Bieu claims to use the finest organic cotton on the layer of the pads and liners that touches the skin. Using air-through technology, the pads are gentle for even sensitive skin types that are prone to allergies, keeping your intimate area safe.

The pads are chlorine and fragrance-free, and have a quick absorbent core, as well as leak-locker technology to prevent side leakage. 

Image Credit: Bieu


  • Pantyliners: 18cm;
  • Day pads: 24cm;
  • Night pads: 33cm.


  • Pantyliners: RM12.90 (26 pcs/pack);
  • Day use: RM15.90 (16 pcs/pack);
  • Night use: RM15.90 (12 pcs/pack).

Free deliveries are available for orders over RM50 to Peninsular Malaysia, and RM70 to East Malaysia.

Where to buy: Get it on their website or at KPJ Healthshoppe outlets and JX Pharmacy stores.

Contact: Reach them on Facebook or Instagram.

3. BioFree

BioFree’s Organic Cotton Disposable Pads are stated to be skin-friendly to consumers and bio-degradable as well.

BioFree’s ultra-thin (0.2cm) design has leak-proof wings and a strong bio-adhesive to hold the pad in place. These features claim to provide the wearer with maximum comfort and safety specifically because the organic cotton used is grown pesticide-free.

BioFree was featured on our menstrual cups listicle as well, and the brand also carries period panties for RM108/pc that can be worn for up to six hours during your flow.

Image Credit: BioFree


  • Pantyliners (L): 18cm;
  • Day use (XL): 28cm;
  • Night use (XXL): 32cm.


  • Pantyliners (L): RM25.50 (30 pcs/pack);
  • Day use (XL): RM19 (7 pcs/pack);
  • Night use (XXL): RM20.50 (7 pcs/pack).

Where to buy: Get it on Poptron, Lazada, or Shopee.

Contact: Reach them on Facebook.

4. Bobble

After completing chemotherapy for Stage 2 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma cancer, Malisse Tan became conscious about the products she was using. The idea for Bobble later materialised, shining a light on the importance of menstrual health. 

Being chemical-free with sustainable packaging, the pads, pantyliners, and tampons are made of Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic cotton. It essentially means that the period products are free from toxins, chlorine, perfumes, and dyes.

Bobble also claims its pads are breathable, comfortable, ultra-thin, yet absorbent. 

The brand offers a subscription package that allows you to choose the frequency you’d like to receive your products, whether in one or three-month intervals. If you choose the subscription plan, it entitles you to a 15% discount on the products.

Image Credit: Bobble


  • Pantyliners: 15cm;
  • Regular flow pads: 24cm;
  • Heavy flow pads: 33cm.


  • Pantyliners: RM12 (16 pcs/pack);
  • Regular flow pads: RM20 (16 pcs/pack);
  • Heavy flow pads: RM20 (10 pcs/pack).

Where to buy: Get it on their website, Poptron, Zalora, or stockists including Qra, Re{me}dy, Unplug, and The Gourmand.

Contact: Reach them on Facebook or Instagram.

5. Enya

Understanding that vaginal skin is highly permeable and prone to sensitivity, Enya’s sanitary pads use organic cotton harvested and grown sans the use of synthetic pesticides.

With that, Enya’s pads claim to be more breathable, hypoallergenic, and suitable for sensitive skin as they are free of fragrances, chlorine, parabens, and toxic adhesives. The pads also have an anti-leak locker feature that prevents leaking from the sides.

Like Bobble, Enya has a subscription package (delivery frequency is 15 days, 30 days, 45 days, or 90 days) that entitles you to a 15% discount on your overall purchase.

Image Credit: Enya


  • Enya Pantyliners: 16.6cm;
  • Enya Basics: 24cm;
  • Enya Plus Overnight: 35cm.


  • Enya Pantyliners: RM12.90 (20 pcs/pack);
  • Enya Basics: RM14.90 (10 pcs/pack);
  • Enya Plus Overnight: RM18 (8 pcs/pack).

Where to buy: Get it on their website

Contact: Reach them on Facebook or Instagram.


REFINED combines science and nature to build customers’ confidence in its hygiene products. Their sanitary pads contain no toxins, animal by-products, or synthetic ingredients.

The pads are designed with wider, longer coverage that aligns to your body, and reliably stays in place.

Instead of using organic cotton like most other brands on this list, REFINED uses organic bamboo cotton in its ultra-thin sanitary pads. The material claims to provide better comfort to its wearer, and has high absorbency, ensuring superior dryness. 

Additionally, REFINED claims that bamboo material can naturally eliminate odours without the help of man-made scents or chemicals.

REFINED is another brand that offers a subscription service so you can save 15% on your total order. You can choose to have your delivery frequency in one, two, or three months.

Image Credit: REFINED


  • Daily liners: 15.5cm;
  • Regular: 28cm;
  • MaxiFlow: 31.5cm.


  • Daily liners: RM20 (30 pcs/pack);
  • Regular: RM22 (12 pcs/pack);
  • MaxiFlow: RM22 (10 pcs/pack).

Free shipping is available for orders over RM50.

Where to buy: Get it on their website.

Contact: Reach them on Facebook or Instagram.

Reusable cloth sanitary pads

7. Athena Empowers

Athena Empowers is a social enterprise specialising in hygiene products and services. 

The team creates and sells eco-friendly, reusable menstrual pads. Made from highly absorbent fabrics, the materials used are non-allergic to the skin, super soft, safe from chemical gels, and stains can be easily washed off without scrubbing. 

They have a wide range of reusable cloth sanitary pads of different colours, from pantyliners, and regular daytime sizes, to extra-long overnight pads to prevent leakage as you sleep. The cloth pads can be worn for up to nine hours of effective absorption. 

Image Credit: Athena Empowers


  • Everyday Washable Pantyliner: 15cm;
  • Regular Cloth Washable Sanitary Pad: 20cm;
  • The Overnight Cloth Washable Sanitary Pad: 27cm;
  • The Extra Long Washable Cloth Pad: 33cm.


  • Everyday Washable Pantyliner: RM21/pc;
  • Regular Cloth Washable Sanitary Pad: RM31/pc;
  • The Overnight Cloth Washable Sanitary Pad: RM35/pc;
  • The Extra Long Washable Cloth Pad: RM40/pc.

It’s worth noting that over half of Athena Empowers’ profits are allocated to programmes teaching life skills to girls aged nine to 17.

Where to buy: Get it on their website.

Contact: Reach them on Facebook or Instagram.

8. Siobhan Handcrafts

Primarily curating and selling body care products like shampoo and soap bars, massage balms, and deodorant, Siobhan Handcrafts also has a line of reusable cotton sanitary pads. The reusable cotton pads contain no fluorescent agents or colouring, and are fragrance-free too.

The materials used for the pads include unbleached natural cotton, six-ply bamboo gauze, a waterproof cloth, and printed natural cotton for the elegant floral design on the pads. While in use during your flow, Siobhan Handcrafts advises changing the pad every 3-4 hours to prevent bacterial contamination.

Each purchase of the pad will come individually packed in a small cotton bag for safekeeping. 

Image Credit: Siobhan Handcrafts


  • Pantyliner: 18.5;
  • Standard Day Pad: 24cm;
  • Heavy Day Pad: 27cm;
  • Standard Night Pad: 31cm;
  • Heavy Night Pad: 36cm.


  • Pantyliner: RM21/pc;
  • Standard Day Pad: RM25/pc;
  • Heavy Day Pad: RM28/pc;
  • Standard Night Pad: RM32/pc;
  • Heavy Night Pad: RM36/pc.

Where to buy: Get it on Poptron or Shopee.

Contact: Reach them on Instagram.

9. The Hive

Among the products offered at The Hive’s zero-waste bulk store, reusable, washable cotton pads are one of them. We’ve also featured their menstrual cup, The Hivette, in our previous list.

Their reusable pads are suitable for those who have sensitive skin or skin allergies as they’re made from 100% cotton, and are free from toxins. From floral to polka dots, you can get them in different designs, even plain ones. 

Image Credit: The Hive


  • Liner: 19cm; 
  • Regular: 21cm;
  • Ultra: 24cm.


  • Liner: RM11.13/pc; 
  • Regular: RM14.63/pc;
  • Ultra: RM18.13/pc.

Where to buy: Get them on their website.

Contact: Reach them on Facebook or Instagram.

  • Check out our listicle on Malaysian menstrual cup brands here.
  • You can read other zero-waste-related articles we’ve written here.

Featured Image Credit: Bobble / The Hive

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