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Mental health was once looked at as a taboo topic in Asian societies. Malaysians have since warmed up to talking about it though, with the turning point brought on by the distress caused during the pandemic’s lockdowns. 

Stress, anxiety, and a loss of direction due to the uncertain period have stirred a demand for counsellors and coaches, realised Albert Chee, who founded Nestspace Coworking Space (Nestspace) in 2019.

At the same time, Albert found that many certified freelance coaches and counsellors were looking for a space to counsel their clients that weren’t cafes.

This was because counsellors found that the openness and noise of a cafe didn’t make for a comfortable space for clients due to privacy concerns.

Thus, he saw the opportunity to pivot Nestspace to address these needs.

Dedicated rooms for one-on-one consultations

Primarily a coworking space upon its establishment, Nestspace targets healthtech and medtech startups. It’s part of Nestspace’s aim to build an ecosystem for health professionals and entrepreneurs to kickstart their services, collaborate, and innovate.

After the pandemic subsided, Nestspace redesigned part of its coworking space into coaching rooms to fill the gaps in the market mentioned above.

Image Credit: Nestspace Coworking Space

Today, Nestspace brands itself as a co-practising space for professionals like mind coaches, life coaches, counsellors, psychologists, dietitians, and fitness coaches to provide their services. 

Nestspace only takes in licenced psychologists, therapists, or certified coaches to ensure their legitimacy.

The co-practising space provides cosy, affordable, and private rooms for such counselling sessions and the like.

Looking at the photos of Nestspace’s private coaching rooms, they do look like standard counselling rooms with couches and soft comfy furnishing in the space (at least the ones I’ve personally been to). 

Image Credit: Nestspace Coworking Space

There are also dedicated desk spaces for professionals to do their paperwork at Nestspace, where they simply need to bring their laptops and stationeries.

Packages for varying levels

Launched just a couple of months ago, Albert reported to Vulcan Post that his team has already seen a few members signing up for their basic package. These members are also now transitioning from being part-time to full-time therapists. 

Nestspace offers three different packages for its private counselling rooms:

  • 4-Day Pass (RM125 per pax) – One-off pass for aspiring mental health coaches and counsellors to kickstart their practice before going full-time;
  • Unlimited Pass (RM350 per pax per month) – For full-time coaches that want to access the space 24/7;
  • Private Room (RM1,200 per month) – Shared plan where four pax can access the room.
Image Credit: Nestspace Coworking Space

Albert deems the fees affordable for counsellors and coaches, as the one-off RM125 fee is equal to or less than one therapy or coaching session. Hence, it’s best suited for those looking to kickstart their services.

Located at Damansara Utama, Nestspace facilitates about 10 rooms for coaches and counsellors, and allows sessions that last up to 60 minutes each. 

“We are able to have at least 100 slots per day as we are open 24/7, and this is actually something the coaches and counsellors look for, as many of them have sessions after working hours,” Albert added.

Addressing security concerns

In Nestspaces’ daily operations, there will be coaches, counsellors, and their clients entering and exiting Nestspace during each 60-minute session rotation.

The co-practising space needs to be on top of its game in keeping track of each visitor, for security.

A space for workshops and mental health seminars / Image Credit: Nestspace Coworking Space

Albert shared that Nestspace operates on a pin-code basis. Once a coach or counsellor makes their reservation, a code will be shared with them that they can forward to their clients.

“The coaches and counsellors will be in charge and have all their clients’ details,” he stated.

In the pipeline, Nestspace will also be providing a booking system for coaches to book their rooms and for clients to make appointments with their coaches.

One-on-one counselling sessions and family coaching aside, Nestspace intends to build playrooms for early childhood psychology assessment and counselling too.

With the co-practising space being an advocate for mental health, their short-term plan is to work with their professionals to reach out to neighbourhoods, and provide a mental fitness space to all age groups.

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Featured Image Credit: The team at Nestspace Coworking Space

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