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Even if you don’t observe Christmas, it still makes for a merry and bright holiday that’s worth celebrating with friends and family.

Other than wrapping gifts and spending more time with loved ones, one foolproof way to celebrate anything is through the stomach.

So, here’s a list of elegant and exquisite cakes made by local patisseries that you can order to celebrate this year-end holiday.

1. Texture by C3 Lab

Image Credit: Texture by C3 Lab

This year, C3 Lab has created a delicate and elegant rectangular cake topped with intricately detailed ornaments and a cursive piece spelling out Noel (Christmas in French).

At RM165, this Noel Blanc cake is composed with several layers to create a flavour combination of hazelnut and chocolate. The mousse, sponge, and croustillant are hazelnut-flavoured, while the ganache itself is chocolate.

There’s also the Joel 2.0, garnished with a beautiful Christmas tree and little gold features. It’s also hazelnut and chocolate flavoured, but has a layer of crispy praline base. Weighing 900g, this cake is priced at RM380.

Where to order: Website.

Delivery fee: RM10 to RM90 based on the distance.

2. Xiao by crustz

Image Credit: Xiao by crustz

Xiao by crustz is offering quite the selection of Christmas specials this holiday season, from a whole cake to a variety of smaller delights.

The seven-inch Red Xmas is a strawberry shortcake made with a vanilla sponge, strawberry confit, light mascarpone vanilla cream, sable vennoisse, and fresh strawberries. Priced at RM148, this whole cake needs to be ordered at least a day in advance.

If you’re looking for smaller cakes, Xiao by crustz is also offering a selection of petit gâteaus. The RM105 Winter Wonderland is a set of four small cakes. More details about it here:

Image Credit: Xiao by crustz

Or, for the same price, you could also opt to get Santa’s Workshop, another set of petit gâteaus. Here are more details:

Image Credit: Xiao by crustz

At RM115, Noel is another set of petit gâteaus, but this time, it’s filled with ice cream. Here are the flavours:

Image Credit: Xiao by crustz

For adults who like a special touch to celebrate the holiday “cheers”, Xiao by crustz is also offering an alcoholic set of four ice cream petit gateaus, aptly named Christmas Cheer. Also at RM115, here’s what it looks like:

Image Credit: Xiao by crustz

Where to order: Website.

Delivery fee: Varies based on distance.

3. Lachér Patisserie

Image Credit: Lachér Patisserie

A French-inspired online cake shope, Lachér Patisserie has three limited edition Christmas cakes to choose from this year as well as some holiday-appropriate petit gâteaus.

The three Christmas edition cakes are the Chesnut Cassis, Pecan Chocolate, and Vanilla Pear. Each of the cakes is topped with decorative chocolates, and costs RM150.

Image Credit: Lacher Patisserie

As for the petit gâteaus, there are two RM92 sets available. The Teatime Set includes Pistachio Raspberry, Chocolate Caramel Mixed Nut Tart, Citron Tart, and Salted Caramel Saint-Honore. Here are more details:

Meanwhile, the Afternoon Treat includes Valrhona Caraibe Hazelnut Praline, Kochi Yuzu Mango Tart, Raspberry Valrhona Jivara Mousse, and Petit Gateau Fromage. More details here:

Where to order: Website.

Delivery fee: Varies based on distance, rates can be found here.

4. Enchante Patisserie

Celebrate a joyous Christmas with Enchante Patissierie’s Joyeux – X’mas Gift Box. It comes with a fruit cake and Belgium chocolate bon bons.

The fruitcake is earl grey and yuzu flavoured, soaked and infused with over 15 different fruits including raisin, lemon peel, orange peel, mango, cranberry, apricot, Buddha hand, pineapple, fig, Goji berry, longan peel, peach, and more.

In the box, there are six varieties of chocolate bon bons, namely:

  • Asiatique: Black sesame ganache with raspberry jelly
  • Kyoto: Yuzu and milk chocolate ganache
  • Basil Calamansi: Basil ganache with calamansi jelly
  • Fruitea: Early grey ganache with yuzu confit
  • Coriander almond: Almond praline infused with coriander seed
  • Peanut and jam: Strawberry ganache with peanut praline

Where to order: Website.

Delivery fee: Varies based on distance.

5. Kuke Desserterie

Image Credit: Kuke Desserterie

As part of its Christmas collection, Kuke Desserterie now offers a log cake named Dalgona x Gold, a sugee cake named Epal et Créme, and a cheesecake named Lychee Peachy.

The Dalgona x Gold log cake features a dark moist chocolate cake with fudgy dark brownies and chunks of Callebaut Gold caramel almond praline crunch. It’s also infused with shots of Davidoff Espresso-inspired Dalgona cream. The small log cake RM153, while the large one is RM233.

Image Credit: Kuke Desserterie

For those with a sweeter tooth, the RM68 Epal et Créme consists of a vanilla almond sugee cake topped with a layer of vanilla custard and cinnamon-spiced Pink Lady apple slices.

There’s also the Lychee Peachy, a Japanese cheesecake with lychee and peach cubes in classic vanilla whipped cream frosting. It comes in three sizes—6 inches (RM128), 7 inches (RM158), and 8 inches (RM188).

Kuké Desserterie is also selling a festive Gift Box for RM138 that comes with four desserts, Kué, Moonlight, Epal et Crème (small version of the sugee cake), and Mille Vanilla. Here are more details about them:

Image Credit: Kuke Patisserie

Where to order: Website.

Delivery fee: Varies based on distance.

6. Rêves Doux Patisserie

Image Credit: Rêves Doux Patisserie

At RM98 per set, this baker’s limited Christmas collection includes four cakes—Noël, Gingerbread Man, Courrone de Noël and Snow Flake.

A structurally unique dessert, Noël features an almond flourless cake with honey chrysanthemum, honey mousse, chrysanthemum jelly, and chocolate gourmet glaze.

The Gingerbread Man is a chocolate almond cake that consists of 75% dark chocolate mousse, mandarin orange ginger marmalade, dark chocolate caramel ganache, and dark chocolate crispy streusel.

Meanwhile, the Courrone de Noël is a macadamia orange cake voyage (a traditional fruit cake from France) with macadamia nut, orange peel, and homemade macadamia praline.

Lastly, the pure white Snow Flake is an almond joconde cake with features red wine coulis (puree), light cheese mousse, red wine cranberry namelaka (inverted ganache), and crispy almond streusel.

Where to order: WhatsApp.

Delivery fee: N/A.

7. MMG Patisserie

Image Credit: MMG Patisserie

A delectable selection of Christmas treats can be found at MMG Patisserie including a Christmas Bundt Cake, Christmas Log Cake, Christmas Reindeer, Chrismassy Gift, Frosty Christmas, and MMG Christmas Tree.

A classically festive option, the RM188 Christmas Bundt Cake comes in four flavours—classic butter, lemon butter, earl grey, or coffee. It’s topped with an elegant drizzle and decorated with wintery elements like pine cones and flowers.

The Christmas Log Cake isn’t your usual log-shaped cake though it very much still resembles a log. This chocolate cake is priced at RM138 for the 5-inch, RM168 for the 6-inch, and RM198 for the 7-inch.

Image Credit: MMG Patisserie

If you’re looking for a buttercream cake, the Christmas Reindeer is one that features, well, a reindeer. Cake flavours include chocolate moist, classic butter, coffee, earl grey, Lemon butter, matcha, and vanilla.

Image Credit: MMG Patisserie

This reindeer-topped cake goes for RM320 for the 5-inch and RM415 for the 6-inch.

Another buttercream cake is the Christmassy Gift that looks like an adorable circular present box. It comes in the same flavours as the Christmas Reindeer. The 4-inch is RM240, 5-inch for RM300, and 6-inch for RM385.

For RM188, the MMG Christmas Tree is perfect for those who like something structurally unique. Shaped like a Christmas tree, this is a raspberry white chocolate Medovik cake that’s 5 inches in diameter and 7 inches in height.

Image Credit: MMG Patisserie

There’s also the Frosty Christmas, a tiramisu cake with a vintage design. It comes in 5 inches (RM168), 6 inches (RM198), and 7 inches (RM228).

If you’re looking for something lighter than a cake, MMG Patisserie is also offering a Christmas Choux Box for RM38. Each box features four choux of different flavours—Blackforest, Chocolate Hazelnut, Vanilla Apple, and Chocolate Mint.

Where to order: Website.

Delivery fee: RM10 to RM70 (varies based on the distance).

8. Elevete Patisserie

Image Credit: Elevete Patisserie

Buckle up, because Elevete Patisserie’s sleigh is filled with a variety of festive cakes.

Elevete’s take on a Christmas Log Cake is a Moist Chocolate Cake with its own Signature Salted Caramel buttercream roll, covered with dark couverture chocolate frosting. This cake is going for RM120.

There’s also Grandma’s Fruit Cake with Biscoff ganache and apricot glaze. Another option is the Raspberry Kaffir Lime Pound Cake that comes with raspberry jam and lime glaze. The Sticky Date Pudding features salted caramel buttercream and milk chocolate caramel glaze.

Each of these three cakes is RM120 and a dimension of 8 by 2.5 inches.

Elevete also has a Mini Gâteaux De Voyage Trio that features mini versions for those three flavours at RM150.  

Image Credit: Elevete Patisserie

Some great sharing options include the Chistmas Designer Cupcakes (RM120), Macaron Wreath (RM130), Christmas Nutella Stacked Brownies (RM155), Christmas Macaron Tower of 30 (RM165), and Christmas Black Forest Bites (RM150).

Where to order: Website.

Delivery fee: RM10 flat rate, free delivery for orders with a minimum spend of RM200.

9. Voila Patisserie

Image Credit: Voila Patisserie

Chugging its way onto the list is Voila Patisserie’s The Voyager, a premium forêt noire entremet which means black forest dessert.

Voila Patisserie has collaborated with Pulp & Beans Chocolate to create this RM419 handcrafted couverture chocolate.

Beneath the extravagant topper, the cake itself consists of mascarpone, Chantilly cream, chocolate cremeux, cherry compote, 70% cocoa biscuit, and a crunchy hazelnut croustillant to close it off.

There’s also the Baby Rudolph cake featuring cassis fruit glaze, lychee vanilla mousse, cassis coulis, chestnut vanilla cream, chestnut spread, hazelnut dacquoise, and cassis fruit meringue.

Voila Patisserie is also offering a special petit gâteau set for Christmas for RM116. Named the Jingle Set, it comes with four treats, including:

1. Geisha: Almond duja croustillant, honey madeline, peach coulis, oolong cremeux, peach compote, light oolong mousse.

2. Royale: Hazelnut dacquoise, orange kamquat confit, dark chocolate feuilletine, 64% moelleux ganache, chocolate choux, and light tonka cocoa Chantilly.

3. Miel: Chrysanthemum mousseline, lime zest, chrysanthemum konyaku jelly, acacia honey, and Dulcey chocolate honeycomb.

4. Aurora: Coffee mousse, pecan pralice, coffee creameux, chocolate biscuit, and pecan croustillant.

Pastry lovers might also enjoy the Les Trois Fromage, a RM118 set of three half-baked cheese tarts made with flaky, crispy croissant dough. It comes in three flavours:

1. Mont Blanc (Chesnut): Chestnut chunk, chestnut mousseline, chestnut cream, vanilla Basque fromage, and croissant shell

2. Chocolate with Red Fruit Tea: Fresh raspberries, red fruit tea coulis, chocolate Basque fromage, croissant shell

3. Caramel with Popcorn: Caramelised shell, soft caramel, caramel Basque fromage, croissant shell

Where to order: Website.

Delivery fee: Rates are calculated by delivery service providers based on the destination of delivery.

10. Champignons Patisserie

For Christmas this year, Champignons Patisserie has created a Mont Blanc Log Cake for RM168. It’s made with chestnut mousse, chestnut cremeux, raspberry jelly, crumble crunch, and almond joconde. It’s decorated with snowflakes and edible silver for a wintery vibe.

There’s also the Xmas Log Cake, topped with red, round ornaments. At RM168, it features Cacao Barry coffee chocolate mousse, Guayaquil dark chocolate ganache, hazelnut cake, and milk chocolate crumble.

Image Credit: Champignons Patisserie

An adorable option is the Winter Festival Log Cake, also RM168. The base consists of Cacao Barry 65% Guayaquil dark chocolate mousse, dark chocolate ganache, chocolate sponge, and chocolate crunch.

Its toppers are what steal the show though. The cute bunny features tangy orange flavours, the reindeer with dark chocolate highlights, while the Xmas sphere is fruity with its redberry mousse, as well as orange and apple compote.

Champignons is also offering its Winter Collection. At RM130 per set, it includes four petit gâteaus, including Ruby, Reindeer, Xmas Gateau, and Xmas Sphere. Here are more details about the flavours of each:

Image Credit: Champignons Patisserie

Where to order: Oddle, WhatsApp (for bulk/long-distance).

Delivery fee: Varies based on distance.

11. The Ice Cream Bar­­­

Image Credit: The Ice Cream Bar

For the ultimate indulgence, The Ice Cream Bar is offering boozy ice cream cakes.

At RM135, the red and green Christmas Wreath Ice Cream Cake features a Black Forest ice cream coated with Bols Kirsch cherry liqueur-infused chocolate mousse, raspberry jam, flourless chocolate cake, and almond praline feuilletine.

The brand is also offering some festive ice cream flavours—namely, Chocolate Cherry Cake, Black Forest, Penfolds Sangria, and Penfolds Mulled Wine. Each 473ml pint goes for RM38.

Where to buy: Website.

Delivery fee: Flat fee of RM10, free with minimum spend of RM180.

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Featured Image Credit: MMG Patisserie / Voila Patisserie / Texture by C3 Lab

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