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I’ve got an addiction. I’m addicted to purchasing all kinds of things for my kitten, whether he needs it or not. I need it for him.

Give me 10 minutes in a pet store and I’ll emerge with seven new treats and two new toys.

While I’m down to shop for him anytime, seasonal festivities do give me an excuse to shop to my heart’s desire without getting judged for it.

So, with Christmas coming up, you know what that means, and I’m sure many of you feel the same way. Regular pet store treats and toys aside, here are some unique gifts catered to fellow pet lovers that you can get from local businesses.

1. Realistic or cartoonised pet portraits by Captured by JeanC. Art

Jean of Captured by JeanC. Art offers an adorable way to immortalise your pets’ likeness through digital art.

This KL-based artist can cartoonise your furbabies, giving them large heads and eyes atop small bodies, all while still staying true to their looks as much as possible.

Image Credit: Captured by JeanC. Art

These digital paintings can then be used as wallpapers on your phone or other devices. For something more tangible, Jean does acrylic canvas portraits of pets too, either in her style or in a cartoonised style.

Price: RM85.50 for a digital illustration of one pet, and any additional pets in the illustration will cost RM60/pet. RM171 for a small acrylic illustration (17x21cm), RM204.35 for a big acrylic illustration (31×43.5cm).

How to order: DM Jean on Instagram.

2. Pet skincare by Curobuddy

Seeing our beloved furbabies in pain or discomfort is one of the worst things as a pet lover. Wanting to help their buddy, Euro, with his own skin issues, paw parents Yen Teng and Darren dedicated themselves to creating a cure.

Image Credit: Curobuddy

Mangosteen skin extract appeared to be their answer, and it now makes an appearance as a star ingredient across their three products. Curobuddy ships to Malaysia and Singapore.


  • Antibacterial Spray (100ml): RM40
  • Pet Deodoriser (250ml): RM60
  • Regen Care Spray (100ml): RM80

How to order: On their website.

3. Customised premium pet collars from Haiwan 

If ugly Christmas sweaters aren’t your dog’s style, perhaps you could dress them up in something more fancy this season.

Haiwan is a Malaysian pet store that carries customisable premium pet collars by Collar of Sweden. These collars are made from leather and come in different sizes and colours/patterns.

Image Credit: Haiwan

You can get your pet’s initial debossed on the front of the collar, and your phone number on the back.

Price: From RM179, and you can add on RM20 if you want to deboss your pet’s initials and your phone number on the collar.

How to order: On their website.

4. Personalised pet charms by LittleMoreOfficial

Handmade from polymer clay, LittleMoreOfficial’s custom charms can be used as earrings, ornaments, keychains, pop sockets, and more.

There are different themes that can pair with your pet’s 3D clay portrait, such as sakura, mochi, chamomile, and the list goes on and on.

Image Credit: LittleMoreOfficial

These miniature works of art aren’t just created in a circular shape either; the artist is able to pair these portraits with charms of the pet’s initial, or an object like a bag, for example.

Price: Differs on your custom design.

How to order: DM them on Instagram.

5. Wooden pet houses by Mauio

Mauio is a brand creating wooden pet houses catered to cats. Its pet houses come in different sizes and shapes, and will be sure to bring a bit more personality into your home.

Image Credit: Mauio

Each of their products has their dimensions listed, so you can find a fitting cushion to pad up your furbaby’s crib.

Price: Around RM58, but there’s a Christmas sale of 10% off going on.

How to order: WhatsApp them at 011-39606145.

6. Pet portrait coasters by Oh&Ah

The goal behind what Oh&Ah do is simple: make users go “oh!” and “ah!” in delight when seeing their products.

Image Credit: Oh&Ah

They do this by creating beautiful transparent coasters in the shape of a dog or cat, enhanced with delicate leaves and flowers preserved within the coaster.

Price: RM78.

How to order: On their Pinkoi store.

7. Treat bundle box by Pawsona

If you’re leaving presents under the Christmas tree for your loved ones, don’t you think your cat deserves one too?

Pawsona’s Christmas bundle box comes with all of their goodies:

  • 5 creamy wet treats of different flavours,
  • 3 freeze dried treats of different flavours,
  • 1 scratching box.

Price: RM130.

How to order: On their website.

8. Human-grade pet snacks by Pet-mó

While Pet-mó does have the typical wet treats for pets, some of its more unique offerings are the Meow cake, Mee Soup, and collagen bone broth.

Image Credit: Pet-mó

Run by the same team behind Art Of Salmó, a brand creating premium fresh Fjord trout products for human consumption, Pet-mó was conceived as a spin-off inspired by the founders’ own cats.

Price: RM7 – RM12 for the Mee Soup, and RM25 for the Meow cake. The collagen bone broths start at RM13 each, and the wet treats start at RM6 each.

How to order: On their website, or Shopee store.

9. Pet-friendly peanut butter by Tito and Chacha

Peanut butter is an irresistible snack for many dogs, but commercial brands tend to have added sugar, salt, preservatives, and other ingredients that your pets may not be able to digest well.

Image Credit: Tito and Chacha

Thus, Tito and Chacha found it necessary to create a peanut butter that is purely 100% roasted peanuts, they claim.

Price: RM12.

How to order: On their Shopee store.


Here’s to hoping you’ll be able to find an interesting and thoughtful gift for a paw parent you know (or yourself) from this list, we wish you an advanced “Yappy” Holidays and Happy “Mew” Year!

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Featured Image Credit: Captured by JeanC. Art / Oh&Ah / LittleMoreOfficial

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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