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While most entrepreneurs seem content to share snippets of their lives and business through long Facebook posts, fashion entrepreneur and influencer Vivy Yusof has gone on to write a book.

But just because she’s taken the time to chronicle 10 years of her life and business in a few hundred pages (which is no easy feat) doesn’t mean that it’d actually make for an interesting read… right?

If you’re on the fence about picking up The First Decade: My Journey from Blogger to Entrepreneur, let us help you inform that decision.

Here’s a look into the autobiographical title, sans (major) spoilers!

What does it cover?  

Published in December 2022, The First Decade chronicles Vivy Yusof’s journey, particularly as an entrepreneur, exploring chapters of her life such as founding Fashion Valet, winning MyEG’s Make the Pitch, starring in a reality TV show, and growing inhouse brands.

Image Credit: Vivy Yusof

These are only the “wins”, of course. The book also covers the rougher parts of Vivy’s entrepreneurial journey, such as losing loyal brands to other competitors, most notably Zalora.

Those who’ve been enraptured by the drama Vivy’s been involved in, such as with her plagiarism controversies and accusations of having “backdoors”, will be happy to learn that she touches on these issues in the book, too. 

Is it a good read?

Undoubtedly, The First Decade is actually a very well-written book.

A seemingly candid look into her life, Vivy uses a friendly and relatable tone with little hashtags thrown in because, #shescoolwithit, you feel?

On a genuine note, Vivy’s writing chops really shine in this book. Her way of unravelling and examining life experiences feels earnest, allowing readers to feel what it’s like to be in her shoes.

This relatability does somewhat feel curated or like a conscious effort from Vivy’s part. It isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it makes Vivy’s achievements seem inspiring and achievable.

On the flip side though, her retelling of topics to certain mishaps or low points during her journey may seem a tad biased and even defensive at points.

Image Credit: Vivy Yusof

But it is her book telling her side of the story, so it shouldn’t be surprising that she’s shaped the narrative in a way that favours her.

So, we’ve established that the book features quality writing. But, more importantly, are the insights themselves of quality?

An entertaining and inspiring read

If you’re looking for a very serious book, then this one is certainly not for you. The First Decade is a bit more lifestyle-focused. Considering Vivy’s background as a blogger, this makes sense. Plus, it’s a lot more mass-friendly.

That isn’t to say seasoned or budding entrepreneurs won’t have anything to learn from it, though. Because, like her or not, Vivy’s wealth of experience is not something you can get anywhere.

She approaches all the topics through personal accounts, mostly focusing on her perspective and her feelings, rather than trying to expound everything that happened. 

If you’ve begun reading to get all the tea but have made little headway, let’s just say you should keep reading. Vivy’s emotions all come to a head in Chapter 12 (which is my favourite chapter for that reason). 

For those who are slightly interested in the book’s contents but don’t want to pick it up for yourselves, stay tuned for more in-depth pieces that spotlight certain parts of The First Decade.

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Featured Image Credit: Vivy Yusof

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