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Last year on December 1, telecommunication giants Celcom and Digi came together under a momentous merger, becoming the portmanteau of CelcomDigi.

Celebrating its first-year anniversary, the company welcomed members of the media to the first media briefing held in its CelcomDigi Hub, located at Subang Hi-Tech Industrial Park.

Here, CEO Datuk Mohamad Idham Nawawi took to the stage to share some milestones and statistics the company has achieved since the merger a year ago.

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For one, the company has been on track with its network integration progress to modernise its network in clusters, having successfully modernised 4,402 sites.

The CEO also referenced the company’s collaboration with various companies such as Yinson Holdings, DHL, and VIRNECT, just to name a few.

He shared that the company is making a lot of technological investments. Beyond that, he also said CelcomDigi is working on lifestyle innovations and services.

Continuing on its journey to provide 5G for all

CelcomDigi is offering its third product called CelcomDigi 5G Postpaid under the unified branding. The first two products being CelcomDigi Fibre and CelcomDigi Business.

To go live on December 1, CelcomDigi 5G Postpaid has six plans with varying prices, speed, and data, namely:

  • Postpaid 5G 80
  • Postpaid 5G 100
  • Postpaid 5G 120
  • Postpaid 5G 140
  • Postpaid 5G 160
  • Postpaid 5G 260

The full details of the new products are as shown in this graphic:

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All plans are bundled with unlimited calls and six months of free home fibre at 300 Mbps. Those who have any contracts with CelcomDigi will get to enjoy a rebate of RM10 on their plans.  

Those switching to CelcomDigi from other networks will also get a RM10 rebate for six months or a RM30 rebate for 24 months if signing up for the highest Postpaid 5G 260 plan.

The Postpaid 5G 260 plan also offers extra benefits such as 300 Mbps Ultra-fast Home Fibre, as well as 50% off family lines and Gadget SIM offerings.

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The 5G-enabled family lines allow users to connect up to six family members at RM40/month per line. This plan includes unlimited calls, 90GB of 4G/5G data with a 100Mbps speed cap.

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The higher-tier Family Plus plan at RM50/month per line provides unlimited internet at a higher 300Mpbs speed as well as 20GB extra hotspot data.

At RM30/month, a Gadget SIM comes with 30GB of data with an internet speed of up to 100Mbps. There’s also the GadgetSIM Plus plan at RM50/month, offering 300GB of data with a higher 300Mbps speed cap.

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Equipping Malaysians with 5G phones

Aside from having the appropriate 5G plans in place, the fact is that you need an appropriate device to be able to utilise the technology.

CelcomDigi believes that only one out of five Malaysians have a 5G-enabled phone. This means that a big majority of Malaysians still cannot make use of 5G technology in the first place.

To help more Malaysians upgrade to a 5G phone, CelcomDigi is also introducing two phone programmes:

  • Easy360: An instalment plan for up to 36 months with zero upfront payment and zero interest charges. It’s available for a range of phones including the latest models, such as iPhone 15, Samsung Z Fold and Flip 5, and Oppo Flip N3.
  • Pakej MegaJimat: Free 5G phones such as the Samsung Galaxy M14 5G, ZTE Blade A73 5G, and Vivo Y27 5G when you sign up for their Postpaid 5G 80 plan under a 12-month contract.

From Malaysia to the world

CelcomDigi will also be launching its 5G Roaming Worldwide plans. These are data roaming passes allowing Postpaid 5G customers to get connectivity while abroad.

The most affordable package is the three-day RM25 plan with 2GB of 4G/5G internet, which is available in 23 countries. Extra 2GB of data will be added for this plan when purchased in neighbouring countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand.  

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There’s also the seven-day plan at RM58 and 30-day plan at RM98, which will offer unlimited 4G/5G internet. The former is available in 20 countries, while the latter can be purchased in 57 countries.

Customers of CelcomDigi’s Postpaid 5G 120 plan and above will get 50% off these passes from December 1, 2023 until March 21, 2024.

More information on all the new products will go live on CelcomDigi’s website on December 1, 2023.

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