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Are we witnessing the takeoff of commercial drone deliveries in the region?

Malaysian dronetech startup Aerodyne Group (Aerodyne) has inked an agreement with Singapore-headquartered DroneDash Technologies (DroneDash), a press release announced.

This initiative is set to introduce cross-border drone delivery services between Malaysia and Singapore.

Leveraging the specialised technologies of both companies, such deliveries will boost logistics efficiency across the two countries, which will in turn advance the region’s delivery and supply chain capabilities.

According to the press release, Aerodyne and DroneDash are working to navigate the regulatory framework, securing all necessary permits to pioneer shore-to-shore drone operations along the Malaysia-Singapore corridor.

As a start, the initiative will focus on establishing delivery routes from Singapore to Johor Bahru and Iskandar Malaysia. This phase sets the foundation for future expansion throughout Malaysia, with commercial operations anticipated to start in the third quarter of 2024.

The drones will be capable of carrying up to 30 kilograms, achieving speeds of 150 km/h within a four-hour flight span.

Specifically, the service is designed for critical deliveries such as urgent documents, high-value electronics, medical supplies, and perishable foods.

The solution will provide real-time tracking, advanced security protocols including 256-bit encryption, and blockchain technology for logistical oversight.

Synergetic collaboration

A familiar name to not just Malaysia’s drone industry but the globe’s, Aerodyne has been ranked as the world’s number one drone service provider for three consecutive years by Drone Industry Insights.

The company is described as a 360DT3 drone-based enterprise provider, which means they have a holistic approach to Drone Tech, Data Tech, and Digital Transformation.

Helping organisations overcome complex industrial challenges by leveraging drone data and AI-powered analytics, the Cyberjaya-based company has been a unicorn-hopeful startup with plans to debut in the public share market.  

Image Credit: Aerodyne

On the other hand, DroneDash is an air mobility infrastructure company based in Singapore that “aims to unlock the full potential of drones for transformative benefits and use across multiple sectors of the economy”, the press release stated.

According to its website, the company offers solutions in three main areas—training, logistics, and technology.

“Organisations in the logistics, cargo delivery, and freight services sector stand to gain a double-digit percentage improvement in overall productivity and cost,” said Paul Yam, CEO of DroneDash, about utilising drone technology.

“Drone deliveries are also beneficial for the environment with emissions and carbon footprint being reduced by up to 100% and 80% respectively.”

Furthermore, drone deliveries are especially helpful in reaching remote areas where traditional air and sea freight are unable to access.

“With the formation of the recent Johor-Singapore Special Economic Zone (JS-SEZ), we are proud to play a part in strengthening economic connectivity between the two regions,” said Mudzakkir Hatta, the Malaysian COO of Aerodyne.

“We look forward to venturing beyond the state of Johor with increased shipments to other parts of Malaysia, forging a longstanding trade cooperation with the two partnering nations.”

With this major development, a future where drones are commonly used for our day-to-day deliveries seems to be not too far off.

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Featured Image Credit: Aerodyne Group

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