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Out of 136 applicants across Malaysia, 26 high-potential names have been picked to join MYStartup’s third pre-accelerator programme cohort.

Established in 2021, MYStartup acts as the single window to Malaysia’s startup ecosystem.

An initiative by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI), the Cradle-powered MYStartup nurtures the ecosystem through capacity-building programmes, including hackathons, accelerators/pre-accelerators, and boot camps.

Its past pre-accelerator programmes have groomed startups such as Materials In Works, Sayur Kita School, Luwjistik, Loop Foods, and more.

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This programme is done in collaboration with Growth Charger, a platform that incubates, accelerates, and scales businesses within Southeast Asia. To date, they have nurtured over 200 startups across Malaysia.

For this pre-accelerator programme, the objective is to develop viable business models and push these startups towards achieving product-market fit, ultimately contributing to the Malaysian startup ecosystem.

The programme encompasses strategic learning modules, on-demand resources, hands-on mentoring, collaborative spaces, networking events, and strategic connections within the ecosystem.

The selected startups cover four main sectors: green technology, smart living, hospitality, and digitalisation.

Here’s a rundown on the 26 chosen startups and what they aim to offer.

1. Agrofly

An early-stage biotech startup, Agrofly focuses on producing sustainable biofertilisers through insect frass degradation with the end goal of creating a sustainable bioeconomy in Malaysia.

Specifically, they upcycle palm waste through black soldier fly larvae composting.


This startup offers marketing system solutions powered by artificial intelligence.

3. AidEye

Another AI startup, AidEye seeks to help users navigate digital services for everyday tasks.

4. Beseek

Utilising generative AI, Beseek is a productivity platform that can identify valuable information in cluttered documents.

According to its LinkedIn page, a key use case for Beseek is to help business leaders discover valuable articles by sharing bite-sized audio summaries.

5. Bettercopy

This startup is a content creation platform that leverages AI to create marketing material that can “unleash revenue growth”.

Said to remove all the guesswork from using AI, Bettercopy aims to make AI accessible, allowing people without any technical background to use it with ease.


BOSSREC is an online booking platform system for recreational activities and services.

7. Compere

According to a press release, Compere is a marketplace platform that seamlessly connects event organisers with vendors.

8. Deepsight

Deepsight is a learning tool that helps medical professionals enhance and sharpen their ability to analyse and interpret electrocardiography (ECG) readings.

9. Eatsysfarm

Eatsysfarm is a one-stop online marketplace for sustainable, vegan products. It allows vegan businesses to start selling on its ecommerce site.

10. FinDoc

An AI-driven startup, FinDoc is online financial screening platform. By aggregating information, it helps people find the best financial products and services for their needs from various banks without having to visit them one by one.

11. FitDoc

FitDoc is a telemedicine company specialising in online consultations. It aims to address critical health concerns such as obesity, family planning, sexual health, and HIV prevention.

12. Good Stuff Alliance

Good Stuff Alliance is a digital platform that helps business operators sell nearly expired products at a discounted price to consumers.

13. Komers

Providing a one-click checkout solution, Komers seeks to simplify the buying and after-sale process with the goal of converting more shoppers into buyers.

14. Komplen

Komplen is a platform designed for complainers. Specifically, it’s an all-in-one solution that allows users to file complaints to the relevant authorities.

15. Mywheels

Mywheels is described in the press release as a platform for everything and anything to do with wheels.

16. Pajak-i

Pajak-i is an all-in-one online platform that aims to serve the micro-financing industry.

17. Pixalink

This is a cloud-based customer acquisition and engagement system for SMEs to automate the interaction with your customers.

18. Practistica

An edutech startup, Practistica lets lecturers or teachers access an online marketplace of questions, classroom grading software, and students’ analytics solutions.

19. Propmoth

To offers users a smarter way to find property, Propmoth aggregates property leads and allows users to create specific requests.

20. Pycehub

According to the release, Pycehub is a web platform that connects owners with clients to maximise revenue for owners and streamline booking for clients, though it’s unclear exactly what industry these owners and clients are in.

21. Rabt

To reshape the Islamic narrative, Rabt has created the “Spotify of Islam”, a premier Islamic storytelling and knowledge-sharing platform featuring top voices in the Islamic world.  

22. Scancer AI

Scancer AI aims to revolutionise lung cancer detection through the use of AI by making early detection accessible to all.

23. Staywokeproperty

Described as a one-stop rental management solution, Staywokeproperty provides solutions for property rental and sales to landlords, tenants as well as agents.

24. Volunti Connect

To revolutionise social impact, Volunti Connect provides a centralised AI-powered Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) management platform.

25. WebX

WebX’s goal is simple—to create simple and affordable websites in three days for RM588/year. This is achievable through AI.

26. Wellness 96 Empire

Powered by AI, Wellness 96 Empire is a one-stop digital wellness platform that offers curated, certified coaches, personalised plans, and community engagement opportunities.

Harnessing the powers of AI

It’s clear that leveraging AI is something that is no longer rare, but rather, something ingrained in the startups of today. It’s interesting to see how each of them are utilising it in different ways to bolster their solutions.

As this is a pre-accelerator programme, many of the startups mentioned have yet to start offering their solutions to the market.  

We look forward to seeing how the programme will supercharge the growth of these high-potential homegrown startups.  

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Featured Image Credit: MYStartup

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