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If you’re worried about snacking on junk food because it’s high in calories, SnackRight may help you feel less bad about it.

Founded by a dynamic trio—Lim Wen Shan, Melissa Lim Yi Xin, and Chan Jit Yen—SnackRight wants to bring more to the snack table.

The genesis of SnackRight can be traced back to its parent company, Oriion Food Specialties, which is currently headed by Wen Shan and his father, Lim Hock Leng, the founder.

However, it was a humble kitchen experiment that birthed SnackRight’s iconic flavoured nuts.

“We thought it was so good, so why not start our own brand and business-to-consumer division,” said Jit Yen, the chief production officer.

“We know everyone loves snacking but we knew our flavoured nuts brought more to the table. It was a healthier option of snacks that tasted as good as an indulgent one.”

Where snacking meets flavourful fun

The trio set out to transform the snacking market after realising there was a demand for healthy snack options without sacrificing flavour.

“We recognise that most people are in the middle ground, who want to eat healthily but still enjoy indulging [in] ice cream.”

“It’s not realistic to expect them to take it too far and only eat plain-roasted nuts as a snack. They love being healthy, but they also love their food,” Jit Yen told Vulcan Post.

Despite the saturation of the market for healthy snacks, SnackRight offers Asian flavours inspired by Malaysian cuisine to captivate consumers’ taste buds. These are oven-roasted, a method typically employed by other healthy nuts brands too.

The variety of Asian-flavoured nuts from SnackRight / Image Credit: SnackRight

Their best-selling flavours are the Chilli Lime Cashew and Salted Egg Cashew varieties, followed by Korean BBQ Almond and Honey Sesame Walnut. They also have kid-friendly flavours such as Honey Sesame Walnuts.

Customers can get their best-selling snacks in mini packets for RM4.90.

According to Jit Yen, they can sell 1,000 packages or more of their flagship product, Chilli Lime Cashew, in a single month. However, they also have sold up to 300 packets in three days during peak seasons such as Chinese New Year.

They offer Asian-inspired flavoured nuts at RM4.90 per mini packet / Image Credit: SnackRight

Driving the snack revolution

What sets SnackRight apart from its competitors in the nuts space isn’t just its delicious flavours or commitment to health, it’s the passion and expertise that drive every aspect of the business.

Wen Shan’s 12 years of experience in the snack production industry, coupled with his ambition to carry on his father’s legacy, ensures that SnackRight’s production processes are top-notch. 

From sourcing the finest ingredients to perfecting the roasting techniques, Wen Shan ensures that every SnackRight product meets the highest standards of quality and taste.

The behind-the-scenes of packing and distributing the nuts / Image Credit: SnackRight

Melissa’s background in law may seem unconventional for the world of snacks, but it’s her passion for fitness and health that drives SnackRight’s marketing efforts. 

Drawing from her experience as a marathoner and pickleball enthusiast, Melissa understands the importance of fueling the body with nutritious foods that don’t compromise on taste. 

Her dedication to spreading the message of healthy snacking has been instrumental in SnackRight’s success.

Having co-founded a tech startup in Singapore before venturing into the world of snacks, Jit Yen brings an entrepreneurial perspective to the team. 

Her entrepreneurial spirit, combined with her love for food and innovation, fuels SnackRight’s drive to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the snacking industry. 

Whether it’s experimenting with new flavours or finding creative ways to reach customers, Jit Yen is always thinking outside the box.

Together, the trio form the heart and soul of SnackRight. Their shared vision of revolutionising the snacking industry, combined with their expertise and passion, has transformed SnackRight from a kitchen experiment into a thriving business.

From pop-ups to popularity

Over time, SnackRight’s popularity soared, prompting a full-time commitment from its founders. 

“We are all invested full-time in growing this business. Initially, we started as part-timers and had pop-ups over the weekends to gauge the market response.”

“We were pleasantly surprised by the level of demand for our product, which gave us the confidence to launch and grow this business,” Jit Yen shared.

Navigating through market uncertainties when they first started, including the challenges posed by COVID-19, SnackRight exhibits resilience and adaptability. 

Their strategy encompasses both offline and online channels, ensuring widespread accessibility while maintaining cost-effectiveness.

“Offline strategies such as participating in local events, and pop-up booths enable us to offer samples and engage directly with customers to showcase our products.” 

“Meanwhile, our online efforts focus on driving conversions through targeted social media campaigns and email marketing,” she said.  

With a focus on expanding product placement and forging partnerships, SnackRight aims to become a household name, both domestically and internationally, without compromising on their core values.

Customers buying their healthy snacks from pop-up stalls / Image Credit: SnackRight

“Currently, our focus lies on expanding our product placement in grocery store chains and establishing partnerships with cafes, gyms, and hotels to increase our product’s presence across various channels.”

“We’re excited to share that we’ve recently succeeded in securing placement for some of our products in prominent chain stores,” Jit Yen added.

So if you’re on the hunt for new brands to add to your pantry, be it at home or in the office, keep an eye out for SnackRight.

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Featured Image Credit: SnackRight

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