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In a world where companionship knows no bounds, this entrepreneur crafted a businesses to celebrate the enduring bond between humans and their furry friends.

Ariel, the founder of Tale of Tiels, carved out a niche that merges her artistic talents with her love for pets. This serves as the basis of her side hustle.

Coming from a design background, with a focus on animation and graphic design, Ariel’s journey into the realm of personalised pet gifts and home decor is as wholesome as the creations she brings to life.

A creative genesis

Ariel’s entrepreneurial venture began as a passion project on Instagram, where she showcased her photo manipulations featuring her beloved pet birds, particularly her cockatiels.

As interest grew in what she was doing, so did Ariel’s confidence in transforming her creativity into a business.

Thus, Tale of Tiels was born, offering custom pet portraits and evolving into a hub for unique, personalised items for pet lovers.

Custom made pet portraits / Image Credit: Tale of Tiels

The name “Tale of Tiels” holds a special significance for Ariel, reflecting the stories and personalities of her cockatiels.

“’Tiels’ refers to cockatiels, and ‘Tale of’ signifies the stories behind each photo—the cute and memorable moments captured with my birds,” said Ariel.

Each product crafted under this name carries the essence of these tales, encapsulating the cherished moments shared between pets and their owners.

Handcrafted with love

While Tale of Tiels primarily offers personalised pet portraits, Ariel’s craftsmanship extends to pet-themed handcrafted candles, aroma stone diffusers, and earrings.

Ariel’s journey into creating candles started when she began selling her items at physical pop-up markets, realising the need for ready-to-sell products to complement her personalised pet portraits.

Tale of Tiels’ aroma diffusers and clay earrings / Image Credit: Tale of Tiels

“I quickly realised that not everyone was immediately drawn to personalised pet portraits, as they often require time and consideration before making a purchase. To increase sales at these events, I needed products that were ready to sell on the spot.”

“While our focus is on decorative items like personalised portraits and keepsakes, I also aim to incorporate functionality into some products. For instance, our candles serve both as decorative pieces and functional aromatherapy tools, offering a blend of aesthetics and usefulness,” Ariel told Vulcan Post.

Each candle is crafted using moulds instead of advanced techniques such as 3D printing or sculpting, ensuring that every piece reflects the care and dedication poured into its creation.

While Tale of Tiels currently doesn’t offer customisable services for scented candles and diffusers due to standardised moulds, Ariel remains open to exploring custom options if there’s enough demand and it aligns with the brand’s goals.

The unique and personalised scented candles / Image Credit: Tale of Tiels

It’s not a decision she can make on a whim, as Ariel’s process for creating personalised pet portraits involves a collaborative journey with her customers.

From initial consultations to finalising the artwork, Ariel infuses each piece with her personal touch, drawing inspiration from the pets’ unique personalities and the stories their owners shared.

Balancing art and business

In short, Tale of Tiels primarily caters to pet owners who cherish their furry companions and seek personalised gifts to celebrate them.

“We also cater to corporations looking for unique and meaningful door gifts for events and promotions,” she said, adding that there’s something for everyone who appreciates thoughtful gifts.

Her products are ideal for gifting purposes, appealing to birthdays, holidays, or other special occasions.

Tale of Tiels’ products are perfect of gifting / Image Credit: Tale of Tiels

Despite starting with minimal capital investment, Tale of Tiels has steadily grown its revenue.

The brand’s products are strategically placed at pet cafes, contributing to passive revenue streams.

She believes that her continuous efforts to seek feedback and improve products and services ensure that Tale of Tiels will remain a trusted and preferred choice for personalised pet gifts.

Aroma diffuser stone / Image Credit: Tale of Tiels

A vision for the future

Ariel acknowledges that balancing everything with Tale of Tiels has become more challenging lately due to her full-time job’s increased demands.

“The biggest challenge of running Tale of Tiels so far has been managing every aspect of the business independently, including finance, marketing, and production,” she said.

Yet, she navigates these waters with effective time management and a commitment to providing exceptional service to her customers.

In the short term, Ariel aims to expand Tale of Tiels’ presence in physical stores, increasing brand visibility.

Looking ahead, her vision is to establish Tale of Tiels as a household name in the personalised pet gifting industry, collaborating with big brands and exploring new distribution channels.

Through Tale of Tiels, she not only crafts personalised memories but also celebrates the special bond between pets and their owners.

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Featured Image Credit: Tale of Tiels

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