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The highlight of Macao’s annual BEYOND Expo is typically getting to see tech innovations firsthand. Who wouldn’t be excited to lay eyes on the latest up-and-coming products that might be gracing the markets soon?

But perhaps even more exciting is seeing businesses from our very own homeland being showcased on the same floor as giants such as NBA and Tesla.

As we explored the massive exhibition hall, here are four homegrown Singaporean SMEs that we found made it to the showcase.

(Through the BEYOND Expo app, we were aware that there were supposed to be two other Singapore-based companies being showcased, but we were unable to easily find the booths of Another-1, a phygital solutions provider, and Metaoptics Technologies Pte Ltd, an optical meta-lens and components startup. Sorry if we missed you!)

1. UpStudy (previously known as CameraMath)

Image Credit: UpStudy

Gone are the days where students only had textbooks and school teachers to help them study and upskill. Nowadays, students are employing the aid of generative AI tools like UpStudy to learn more efficiently.

This AI helper provides instant solutions to your homework problems. All users have to do is scan the question that stumped them with the camera to get step-by-step solutions. 

The learning platform mainly focuses on subjects related to calculations, such as algebra, geometry, chemistry, and physics. There’s also a “Study Bank” section that allows students to practise their skills with test questions. 

We were told by its representative in Macao that most of UpStudy’s users come from the West, with about 50% of Americans accounting for the pool. There are currently 13 million users on the app (available on Google PlayStore and Apple’s App Store) and five million users on the website.

To scale up, the Singaporean startup joined the expo to meet investors and other industry players to spread the app across different regions. 

2. E3A Healthcare

Image Credit: E3A Healthcare

Headquartered in Singapore, E3A Healthcare specialises in creating industry-leading medical devices to improve the quality and accessibility of newborn and women’s healthcare.

Its main product is a detection device that helps in determining neonatal jaundice. “Our rental business model allows families to know the jaundice levels of babies, and to see whether you need timely interventions to further treat them,” a representative of E3A Healthcare explained to us.

For context, neonatal jaundice affects approximately 60% to 80% of newborns worldwide, so it’s certainly an important device to have on hand.

Besides that, the company also offers its Smart Fetal monitoring device. This non-invasive foetal monitor allows families to listen to the heart signals of babies by just placing it on the pregnant woman’s stomach.

E3A Healthcare currently operates in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China, on top of Singapore. The company is working to expand its reach even further and will start with Malaysia.

3. Sunnystep

Image Credit: Sunnystep

As its name may suggest, Sunnystep is all about helping customers feel like they’re walking on sunshine.

This is a stark contrast to how the brand came about. Ting Mao had a Pilates misadventure six years ago and realised firsthand just how privileged walking without pain was.

It was also during this period that she noticed the lack of suitable yet aesthetic footwear that could aid in recovery. So she started Sunnystep to address this exact market gap by combining science, sustainability, and style to support people.

Ranging from smart to casual and even sporty, the brand offers a diverse lineup of men’s and women’s sneakers. It recently released an improved insole technology that’s designed with acupressure massage points tailored to Western medicine. With these, wearers will have their feet soothed with gentle massages after a long day of walking.

The brand’s breathable shoe uppers are also certified according to the Global Recycled Standard, using a 90% mix of recycled materials. 

Based on an interview with The Peak, Sunnystep has sold over 150,000 pairs of shoes as of December 2023. Customers can visit its retail stores in various locations across Singapore and also The Exchange, TRX in KL.

4. Megrez Translations 

Image Credit: Megrez Translations

With a tagline of “Bringing research to life”, Megrez Translations’ core aim is to deliver impactful research to the market. Whether you’re developing robotic prosthetics, microfluidic plates, or AI software, the medtech startup is prepared to help kickstart companies.

How it does this is by helping researchers handle everything in one place. 

From market validation and standards certification to industrial design and prototyping, Megrez Translations’ goal is to ensure researchers aren’t deterred from commercialising life-changing research.

According to its LinkedIn page, some of its specialties include medical devices, healthtech assessments, software, firmware, and designs for manufacture. 

The company’s portfolio currently feature three projects: 

  • Chloe, an AI and machine-learning software used to triage patients and alleviate the workload of medical personnel
  • Nightingale, a safety firmware that uses BLE-based (bluetooth low energy) tech to alert authorities of one’s location when in danger
  • Valcan Tech Occupational Health, an all-in-one software for the management and deployment of construction-related projects


On top of all these startups, we also found a few businesses from our neighbouring Malaysia which we were equally thrilled to see.

We hope to see more homegrown names at next year’s BEYOND Expo, showcasing some of the best of what Southeast Asian tech has to offer.

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Featured Image Credit: E3A Healthcare / Megrez Translations / Sunnystep

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