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Portuguese egg tarts, we’re coming for you.

The last time Macao was brought to our attention, it was at The Macao Showcase in Singapore where we had a teaser of the region, and we were mightily impressed by what it has accomplished.

Although famous worldwide as being an entertainment hub, Macao’s business prowess is not to be underestimated either.

Exemplifying this is the annual BEYOND Expo event that takes place in Macao, bringing together thousands of innovators, investors, media, and other stakeholders from across the world. 

For 2024, it will be taking place from May 22 to May 25, and Vulcan Post will be flying over 2,000km to Macao to witness it.

Here’s why you should, too.

1. We’re not kidding when we say there will be an exciting lineup of programmes and events.

If The Macao Showcase was of any indication as to how amazing Macao’s events are, we’re ready to be blown away by BEYOND Expo’s promising lineup of events.

First up, there will be summits on extremely relevant topics such as healthcare, climate tech, and consumer tech. They seek to uncover the lucrative opportunities that innovative stakeholders can tap into.

Image Credit: BEYOND Expo

For example, the consumer tech summit will explore: 

  • Travel technology like new energy vehicles, autonomous driving, and passenger drones
  • Smart home and real estate technology like smart home appliances and pet tech
  • Fashion technology like alternative and new materials
  • Financial technology in the realm of mobile payments and digital financial services
  • Sports and entertainment technology such as home fitness systems, smart sports platforms, gaming tech, and more

Then there are the forums led by world-renowned experts in their fields such as Fujifilm, Sony, and Shiseido, who will highlight global tech trends they’re keeping up with and collaboration opportunities.

Image Credit: BEYOND Expo

Not to be missed is also the two-day Founder Forum, with speakers consisting of over 12 unicorn entrepreneurs as well as trailblazers such as Nothing’s Carl Pei, Siu Rui Quek of Carousell, and our very own Eric Cheng of Carsome.

Image Credit: BEYOND Expo

And while you might not think much of the Fund at First Pitch sessions (how different can pitch sessions be, after all?), BEYOND Expo has injected Macao’s special touch into this too.

Doing away with conventional demo days, these pitch sessions emulate a game of roulette

An entrepreneur will spin the roulette wheel and get a time ranging between 60 to 180 seconds for their pitch, and any hooked investors will put forward their chips to stake their interest.

We don’t know about you, but this concept alone has us ready and placing bets for the show.

Image Credit: BEYOND Expo

Last but not least, for the leaders who like cutting a little loose at times, rest assured that BEYOND Expo does not forget Macao’s roots in entertainment. 

From parties to a gala dinner and golf tournament, you’ll get plenty of chances to mingle with changemakers in more relaxed settings.

Image Credit: BEYOND Expo

2. You’ll see tech innovations that’ll have you saying, “Wow, wish we had those already!”

Last year, BEYOND Expo showed off a two-seater flying car (with hopes of being brought to market as early as 2025!), a robot minibus for eight pax, an autonomous bus that’s already being used in schools and tourist spots in China, and more.

These are concepts that have been teased for years, and we didn’t expect them to be this close to being market ready, let alone already being commercialised.

Image Credit: BEYOND Expo

BEYOND Expo 2023 certainly proved us doubters wrong, and these technologies could very well be a thing of tomorrow, if the people behind the ideas get the right kind of support from such events.

For this year, we’re expecting to see even more exciting innovations being revealed to the public, and perhaps even announcements about their roll-out plans.

3. Global brands and businesses will be exhibiting at BEYOND Expo, from rising stars to established household names.

If you’ve got a business you look up to as a founder, you might just find their booth at BEYOND Expo 2024.

World-renowned brands will be boothing there too / Image Credit: BEYOND Expo

See how smaller businesses are making their mark on the global arena, and how even big brands aren’t resting on their laurels.

Everyone there will be showcasing some sort of innovation, and you can observe firsthand from your peers how to appeal to an international audience.

Perhaps we might even spot you exhibiting at next year’s BEYOND Expo!

4. You don’t have to be in the disruptive tech scene to be there, there’s lots to learn even from Macao’s non-tech SMEs.

At The Macao Showcase in 2023, we saw how Macao uplifts its SMEs from various sectors, seamlessly making them a part of the region’s overall appeal.

Even if your own business isn’t necessarily one that leverages the sexiest tech or draws in big funding rounds, we believe that BEYOND Expo will show how even small businesses can have global appeal.

Even pork chop buns and egg tarts businesses in Macao get their time in the global limelight / Image Credit: Vulcan Post

Your stories deserve to be told too, and seeing how Macao’s smaller SMEs manage to stand their ground amidst household names could inspire you to have more confidence and ambition.

5. Your entry ticket to BEYOND Expo 2024 is free!

This year, Vulcan Post is honoured to be a media partner of BEYOND Expo, and we have a total of 10 tickets to give away.

Use the code “BEYOND_Vulcan” at checkout, and register by scanning the QR code in the picture below or register yourself here: https://www.beyondexpo.com/registration/

With your entry covered, all that’s left is to plan your itinerary for Macao, and be sure to allocate some leisure time because it’s not called the entertainment capital of Asia for no good reason.

BEYOND Expo itself will be held at the Venetian Macao, a gorgeous luxury hotel, but you won’t want to miss other iconic and historic sights such as the Ruins of St. Paul’s, Senado Square, Taipa Village, and the City of Dreams.

Image Credit: The Venetian Macao

So, will you be one of the 20,000+ attendees at BEYOND Expo 2024?

Vulcan Post is an official media partner of BEYOND Expo 2024.

  • Learn more about BEYOND Expo 2024 here.

Featured Image Credit: BEYOND Expo

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