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If you’re someone who rents, you might know that finding internet plans with contract periods that match your rental agreements can be tricky.  

Recognising this, Shah Alam-headquartered Time dotCom (Time) has released a new 12-month plan that’s tailored just for renters and frequent movers. This contract period is designed to align with those who have 12-month home rental leases.

With this plan, there’s no need to worry about termination fees. Another perk is that if you move after a year, relocating your service is free.

Download/Upload Speed200Mbps/200Mbps600Mbps/500Mbps1Gbps/500Mbps
Monthly FeeRM119RM159RM219
Contract Period12 months12 months12 months

The 12-Month Plan comes with mesh-enabled WiFi, six routers, and WiFi six mesh nodes for selected plans.

More flexibility than before

Previously, Time had already been offering a 24-Month Plan, which is ideal for those who want to stay put for a longer period.

The 24-Month Plan, which starts at RM99/month for 200 Mbps is more affordable compared to the 12-Month Plan, but it does lack that extra year of flexibility.

Even though the 12-Month Plan boasts a slightly higher monthly fee, it’s perfect if you know you’ll only be in the same place for one year.

For the frequent movers out there, Time also lets you relocate your services, as long as the new address is within their coverage area. Plus, as mentioned, relocation is free once you’ve finished your 12-month contract.

The other product that Time offers would be the no-contract plan, which has the same prices as the 24-Month Plan, except there is a one-time charge starting from RM400, depending on which plan speed you get.

The No-Contract Plan would provide the most flexibility to move whenever needed.

On this plan, a 12-month subscription for 200Mbps would cost RM1,588 if you include the RM400 one-time charge.

On the new 12-Month Plan, though, the total cost for the year would be RM1,428. That’s RM160 cheaper.

Those looking for more flexibility in their plans can sign up for their 12-Month Plan (or other products) online at www.time.com.my, or through Time’s authorised dealers.

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Featured Image Credit: Time dotCom

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