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Chinese smartphone manufacturer Meizu is making a comeback in Malaysia with the launch of its latest products and “All in AI” vision. 

A brand under the DreamSmart Group, Meizu integrates smartphones, AR glasses, and smart cars to create a smart mobility ecosystem. 

While Meizu may not be a brand familiar to everyone, it has been a favourite among tech enthusiasts and consumers globally and in Malaysia.

Not their first rodeo in Malaysia

Founded in 2003 and based in Zhuhai, Guangdong, Meizu has become a prominent smartphone manufacturer. 

The brand received a US$590 million investment from Alibaba Group Holding in 2015, as part of a long-term strategic partnership. 

Meizu’s presence in Malaysia dates back to 2014 with the launch of its MX4 smartphone, according to Lowyat. In 2017, it debuted the Pro 6 Plus and M5 Note phones, distributed exclusively by Dynamics Distribution Sdn Bhd.

Since then, there seemed to be no more news about Meizu’s presence in Malaysia, until March 2024 when the brand rolled out its Meizu 21 flagship phone locally.

Image Credit: DreamSmart Group

Following its release, the company on June 18, 2024, announced that it would introduce new products throughout the year, alongside its user-friendly AI ecosystem.

An “All in AI” plan

According to a press release, Meizu’s parent company, DreamSmart, has announced that its dedication to developing the company’s AI advancements lies in its “All in AI” strategic plan.

It centres on developing AI devices, redesigning FlymeOS (Meizu’s operating system), and establishing a comprehensive AI ecosystem through its hardware. 

DreamSmart will also be collaborating with top international AI teams, including OpenAI, to drive innovation and development. 

The press release stated that DreamSmart will gradually implement the “All in AI” vision, starting with the launch of an AI-driven mobile operating system in 2024 to build the infrastructure for the AI era.

Here’s what you can expect from the lineup

1. Enhanced FlymeOS

FlymeOS will integrate AI to provide a seamless and intuitive experience to users. 

It includes an AI Gallery, which will help users organise and search photos using natural language. For example, when you search for “pets”, the AI gallery will sift through all your photos related to that phrase, and pull up images related to it.

While not a revolutionary feature in the smartphone market, it is a new function being added to Meizu products with FlymeOS.

Image Credit: DreamSmart Group

There will also be an AI Portal and AI-Assisted Input, which is said to make text input and app usage more intuitive. According to the press release, these features can streamline user interactions and integrate AI seamlessly into one’s daily use.

To elaborate, AI Portal allows users to activate the system’s AI by pressing the phone’s back button, to make interactions between users and the large language model more comfortable. 

Meanwhile, AI-Assisted Input understands conversation context and generates accurate responses, offering multiple suggestions to meet different user needs.

Furthermore, Flyme Link will provide a smooth integration between Meizu devices. 

2. Flyme Auto

Flyme Auto is Meizu’s new intelligent car system developed in collaboration with Geely Auto. It can connect smartphones and car systems for a cohesive experience.

Flyme Auto uses Flyme Link to seamlessly connect smartphones and vehicles, making it easy to unlock your car, navigate, and use apps across both platforms.

Image Credit: DreamSmart Group

The tech combines powerful chip performance and quick system response, blending advanced technology with comfort. The idea is to foster strong connections between users, their surroundings, and their vehicles. 

This system introduces the “Phone Domain” concept, where your smartphone acts as a central hub to manage all connected devices without using extra data or needing downloads.

3. Meizu 21 

Launched in March 2024, the Meizu 21 smartphone runs on the Flyme AI Large Model Engine, ensuring smooth performance with Flyme 10.5.

Image Credit: MEIZU Malaysia

Other key features of the phone include:

  • Performance: Equipped with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor for fast and efficient performance
  • Design: Four ultra-narrow bezels and an all-white panel for a sleek look
  • Display and sound: Boasts a vivid Samsung screen, dual stereo speakers, and precise haptic feedback
  • Battery: Has an 80W supercharge and a 4,800mAh battery for all-day usage
  • Secure and quick access: Ultrasonic mTouch 2.0 under-display fingerprint sensor

4. MYVU AR Smart Glasses

Image Credit: r/AugmentedReality

According to the press release, the FlymeOS ecosystem and its AI capabilities will also be incorporated into Meizu’s dual-display full-colour MYVU AR Smart Glasses

These smart glasses are said to be lightweight (43g) and comfortable for the wearer.

Based on a promotional video of the smart glasses, it appears that the MYVU AR Smart Glasses glasses will function similarly to the bulkier ones that already exist in the market.

This means that users would be able to wear the device while going about their daily activities, all while utilising the integrated smart functions within the glasses to text, browse the web, and watch videos through the wearable device.


With over two decades in the industry and a substantial global following, Meizu appears determined to make an impactful comeback in Malaysia.

Given the ongoing buzz around AI, it will be interesting to see how Meizu’s ecosystem and consumer products fare against major tech players in the Malaysian market.

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Featured Image Credit: DreamSmart Group

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