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Over the weekend, a dear friend of mine was enjoying her stay at her Airbnb rented apartment in Stockholm, Sweden. It was quite a distance from the city center and more so away from tourist attractions. Yet, on and on she was raving how the winter is beautiful and how her trip was made even better with her hosts from Gothenburg.

A TV tucked at that special corner with toys hastily kept in the cabinet; stacks of books neatly arranged, some with dog ears and others turning yellow.

It’s that human touch, you know?

If the traveller in you feels the same way as me, then today’s feature is not to be missed as we get to know Airbnb’s General Manager for Singapore, Tommy Wang.

Tommy Wang_AirbnbTommy Wang (Image Credit: Tommy Wang)

If you didn’t know, Airbnb is a platform where you can find a community of people all over the world who are keen to rent or sublet their apartments for whatever the duration. Especially for travellers, you get to immerse yourself into an authentic home like no other. A home away from home!

For Tommy, all these clicked. As his personal profile emphasised,

“Travel + Technology = A Better World”

Formerly a Director for Expedia, Tommy’s wealth of knowledge about the travel and hospitality industry, I must say, is a match to the exciting vision of Airbnb. The energy he exudes (even from that photo alone) is definitely essential in growing Airbnb in Singapore.

Today, we take an sneak peak into Tommy’s homescreen and explore the apps that get to be part of this energetic manager!

Tommy Wang_AirBnB Homscreen

1. Hailo
It may be a new app in a pool of ride booking serves, but I like that it taps into the existing taxi network. Best of all, my credit card is stored in the app which makes payment an automated breeze after each ride.

2. Evernote
I’d be much more scattered without the help of this app. My notes are synced across​ ​devices, and I access the information I store effortlessly.​ ​Whether jotting notes for work or planning itineraries for travel, this app serves as my second​ ​memory.

3. Nike+ Running
Fitness is a big deal to me, but doing cardio can be such a chore after a long day at the offic​e​. This app helps me set goals and measure up against them to keep me motivated so I don’t skip the gym.

4. Pocket
Sometimes I’m too busy to consume content that very moment. So whether it’s news, articles, or even videos/galleries, I use Pocket to save content for offline viewing when I’m ready for it.

5. Redmart
I may live right next to a Cold Storage, but that still doesn’t beat the convenient of using Redmart to have my groceries and household items delivered to my doorstep. They’re expanding into fresh goods now too!

6. Shazam
Sometimes I hear a new tune and it just strikes the right chord with me. I use Shazam to identify the song so I can buy it later, and that special moment gets preserved in the form of my playlists.

7. Airbnb
Even as an Airbnb employee, I’m always on the quest for ​the most unique experiences whether I travel for business or leisure. The​ ​Airbnb​ ​app​ ​lets me search for​ ​one-of-a-kind​ ​homes to stay at anywhere I go, and​ ​it​ ​helps me book with trusted hosts and communicate effortlessly with them.

Thank you Tommy for this exclusive peak. I’m still wondering where did you take that amazing jump shot. Anyone knows? Clearly I have not traveled enough, yet.

If it is your first time reading this, welcome to Apps I Live By – a weekly series where we take a peek into the smartphones of influential personalities. Here, we discover apps and find out how they are made useful.Last week, Burpple Founder, Dixon Chan, shared with us the apps that get to go about his food adventures. Should you have any stories to share or would like me to feature any personalities, feel free to contact me at dawn@vulcanpost.com.

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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