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The latest app deserving a spot on your homescreen does not have the ability to discover original music like 8tracks or locate your lost items Protag does; But it revolves around one thing most of us cannot resist – Food, glorious food.

If you do not know, Burpple is a social food guide for discovering places to eat by locals for everyone. If you lack the ability to envision how your food will turn out just from reading off the menu – yes, you should keep this app in your pocket.

You may also be delighted to know that some users of Burpple are posting really useful reviews and food discoveries, such as The Wedding Scoop.

The Wedding Scoop at Burpple
The Wedding Scoop on Burpple (Image Credit: Burpple Blog)

In 2012, friends Dixon Chan and Elisha Ong were caught off guard when they had to choose among 50 unfamiliar dishes while working in Silicon Valley.

Dixon Chan (bnw)
Dixon Chan (Image Credit: Dixon Chan)

Immediately turning to their phones, they were also unable to get concrete reviews on particular dishes to try. Burpple was then founded, together with a tech co-founder, Daniel Hum.

Since then, the app has been refined in many ways through rounds of rigorous product iterations. We last reported Burpple incorporating a fresh new feature – hailed the Burpple Hot 100, which showcases the country’s top hot spots over the past month.

Burpple hot 100 Places in May
Burpple Hot 100 in May, Singapore (Image Credit: Burpple Blog)

Today, we’re taking a sneak peek into the homescreen of  co-founder and president of the app Burpple, Dixon Chan, and find out his daily sources of inspiration and fun!

Dixon Chan_Burrple_Homescreen
Dixon’s Homescreen (Image Credit: Dixon Chan)

1. Burpple
The best way to find good food for any occasion 🙂

2. Product Hunt
“Read about cool new products everyday. Fascinating.”

3. Holy Bible
“To meditate and inspired daily by God’s word.”

4. Mailbox
“The simplest way for emails.”

5. Notes
Pen thoughts and inspirations on the go.”

6. iMessage/ Whatsapp/ Hipchat/ Skype
“For all types of communication.”

7. Dropbox
“The best way to test design mocks and view documents.”

8. Twitter/ ESPN
“For daily news consumption.”

9. Instagram
“To be in touch with my closest people.”

10. Google Maps
“For navigation in any city.”

11. Youtube
“My favorite social network. Videos are the most engaging for of communication.”

It’s amazing how we can now keep in touch with our closest friends with Instagram (and not Facebook), enjoy daily dose of news from Twitter (and not the papers), and browse food reviews from Burpple (and not floaty posts on the Internet).

When asked what is his lifestyle motto, Dixon humbly mentions:

“Private success always lead to public success.”

Amen! Thank you Dixon for allowing us a peek into your smartphone. Officially converting into a fan of Burpple, but still no to burping.

No one should burp at the dinner table. Really.

The Burpple app is now available for both the Android and iPhone.

Apps I Live By is weekly series where we take a peek into the smartphones of influential personalities. Here, we discover apps and find out how they are made useful.Last week, 8tracks Founder, David Porter, shared about the apps he uses with the little time he has. Should you have any stories to share or would like me to feature any personalities, feel free to contact me at dawn@vulcanpost.com.

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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