Monthly Recap: May 2021

monthly recap may

VP Label has officially turned one month old! As we celebrate and take stock of the first month since our official launch, we wanted to share some updates with regards to what is happening with VP Label.

Since launching a month ago, we have partnered up with 14 local brands to help them sell their products on our ecommerce platform. Without our partners, there will be no VP label, and we want to extend our gratitude to our brand partners who are taking a chance with us. While sales might be slow to pick up for some of our brand partners, we have seen encouraging feedbacks and purchases for Bovem, which was our best performing brand partner on our platform this month.

Here are the list of all the local brands on our website for the month of May:

Throughout May too, we’ve reached out to over 306,663 customers via organic content produced on Vulcan Post and VP Label, as well as via Facebook advertising. We will continue to optimize for sales conversion so that the right product from our brand partners will reach the right target audience.

For our customers and readers, thank you for reading the stories of our brand partners. Our story on Bovem reached over 63,163 unique pageviews and we’ve helped generated thousands of dollars in revenue for Bovem. We hope to continue to discover amazing local Singaporean brands and highlight their stories and products to you on Vulcan Post and VP label.

Moving forward in the next coming months, we will be looking to onboard new brands onto VP Label. If you know any companies that may be a good fit for VP Label, do drop us a note at our contact us page and we will get back to you!

We will also be looking to roll out a few marketing campaigns as well as new features improvements on our website, so please do sign up for our newsletter below to be kept in the loop.

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