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We have written about Blissybox before, a Singapore-based startup dedicated to making ladies’ time-of-the-month more bearable (and blissful) through subscription care packages that include all the necessary supplies and a little more.

Thanks to Blissybox, I had a chance to take a peek into what a typical Blissybox would look like.


Since the box was delivered by a courier service, it was protected in this odd green wrapper. Not a fan of the colour, but that’s a personal preference.

What was inside looked much better.

Unboxing Bliss

The box itself was incredible-looking, with a multi-coloured design that looked very professional and very much like a present. It’s one of the rare times I can say that it looked exactly the way it did in the promotional picture.

I got a little too excited and ripped open the box before I got to take a photo, and was surprised that even the interior was in this amazing shade of turquoise. That is some serious dedication in packaging.


Some would argue that what is truly important is what’s inside, and it definitely didn’t disappoint. It looks like I just came across a stash of presents, with each one individually wrapped in colourful paper and even ribbons!

Anyone peeking into the box wouldn’t have known that it was a box full of tampons and pads, which is very tasteful indeed. Each package is labelled with its contents, and they even came with a little note of the month, with my name hand-written on the envelope!IMG_1229


The Singaporean side of me squealed when I also found this free gift — a gold makeup bag hidden underneath. According to their website, each box comes with a surprise inside. I couldn’t say no.

The bag also came with samples like this Innisfree serum. Beauty samples are an awesome addition, especially if you’re prone to breakouts or dull skin around the time-of-month. It’s like having the best of both worlds — with subscription services like Bellabox that are well-known for being full of makeup and skincare sample surprises, I can imagine period subscription boxes doing the same for skincare. Because when else would girls want/need to be pampered?



IMG_1230And of course, the sweets. I was astounded by the amount of sweets packaged inside; it felt like the bag was practically bursting.

While competitor PSLove tries to source for healthy snacks (which you have to pay additional for), most Blissybox boxes come with a plethora of unapologetic snacks — chocolates and biscuits galore!

They really know the way to a girl’s heart. Just not to her diet.

Overall, it is a beautiful box, and it would be so exciting to receive a box like this every month. One thing that I felt was missing, though, was an answer to the cramps — while chocolates are fun and delicious, the option to have something for the pain would have made this package perfect, perhaps some heatpacks or some painkillers that would help ease the time along.

Girls Deserve Bliss Too

From the box, it’s clear that Blissybox’s strength is in its professionalism. Despite only launching in November, it has marketed itself as a company dedicated to wow-ing its customers, with its eye for detail and its polished packaging.

The website reflects the same, with regular blog updates addressing problems that users send in to “Dr. Blissy”. It even offers 6 different services to allow customization for each type of girl and each type of period — Lady Light, Duchess Regular, Queen Heavy, Madame Organic, Pads only, or Tampons only. So whether you’re a no-frills kind of girl, or you need your chocolate and pampering, they have something for you.

Blissybox has also hinted that there are new features and developments coming up this year, but with no news being released so far, I can only say that it is on my watchlist. With yet another period subscription box service in Singapore, it’s a surprise that this has yet to be adopted by every girl here.

So girls, if you haven’t hopped onto the Period Box bandwagon, it’s time to do so, because you are missing out.

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