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Talk to busy professionals and you would soon realize this: keeping the romance between their other half is getting more and challenging these days as work life consumes any energy and time we might possibly have. Yes while there are many apps dedicated for couples, what if there is a platform that curates special date ideas for couples looking for something new?

Now there is.

Lovesprk is a new service that has just launched in Malaysia specifically for that reason. Touted as the country’s first date concierge portal, targeting busy couples who still want to continue keeping their relationship exciting, Lovesprk is a members’ only service that specialises in offering pre-planned exclusive experiences combined with concierge assistance. It will take care of all the details like planning and making reservations, enable romantics to enhance their dates with details such as bouquets of flowers, a specially-picked gift or a chauffeur-driven limousine for the night, all with a single click.


It is created to answer the question: “let’s go out and do something fun!” for couples.

Keep The Love Burning

Lovesprk was created by husband and wife Jonathan Victor and Tanuja Rajah. Based in Malaysia, Jonathan and Tanuja may be just another ordinary couple you might meet, that is, if you don’t know them. It occurred to them that for many couples, the amount of effort that one puts into a relationship when they first started dating to that after marriage diminishes. Everyone is caught up with this thing called Life: long work hours, increasing financial commitments, household chores, and children all take up time and zap energy.

“Planning an amazing date takes time and effort. That’s when we conceived the idea to create a new online service which focused on amazing date experiences. It’s free to sign up and our members get full access to exclusive dates (sometimes luxurious, sometimes a little quirky) but all lovingly handpicked by us”, Tanuja told Vulcan Post.

Lovesprk's Team
Lovesprk’s Team

Heading online for dating options is a natural move for Malaysians. A record 67% of households in Malaysia have access to the Internet and this figure is rising faster than the world average. The adoption of social media has also shown significant growth over the last few years, with currently, 1 in 3 Malaysians being Facebook users.

Currently, Lovesprk provides eleven different dates for its users, from a private candlelight yoga session to a 3-course Italian dinner at one of KL’s hottest new restaurants. Lovesprk expects to reach out to a significant portion of Malaysia’s urban population and create at least 100 unique date ideas in its first year.

“We’re extremely confident.”

When asked how confident are they on the idea, Tanuja gave a resounding Yes to us: “We are extremely confident with the concept behind Lovesprk.”

“I believe that wherever there are busy working couples, there’s a need for Lovesprk. The sad story is that in Malaysia, a divorce happens every 15 minutes. Dates – interesting, fun, one-of-a-kind dates, help connect couples by creating new and wonderful memories,” shared Tanuja.

Launching With A Bang: Partners World’s Leading Couple App Between For Launch

As part of its launch, Lovesprk will be partnering with world’s leading couple app Between. The partnership will provide Lovesprk with access to a ready market of target users in Malaysia. According to Between Southeast Asia’s General Manager Joash Wee, Between currently has 150,000 downloads in Malaysia, up from just 80,000 since they started focusing on Southeast Asia in October last year.

“For Between, we want to become the best platform for couples. Not only enriching real, offline-based relationships through the features on Between, but also by extending our value through the offerings of strategic partners. Lovesprk has managed to put together an amazing service, bringing unique couple-related activities to a single platform and also providing a much needed concierge service to make it easier for couples to spice up their dating lives,” shared Joash.

As part of the exclusive launch, Lovesprk and Between are seeking out Malaysia’s sweetest couple by posting pictures of themselves on their timeline with the hashtag @lovesprk and @between_app in the month of September. Winners will be crowned Malaysia’s sweetest couple and will win a fully paid date, complete with complimentary concierge services to make that date even more special. Users can also book their dates on Lovesprk via Between’s Event Box.

Especially for Vulcan Post, Tanuja has recorded a short message saying hi!

So, who’s up for a date?enablejsapi=1&html5=1&

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