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We have covered some of the most interesting apps we could find on Vulcan Post. And just as we thought we had most of them covered, a new app caught our attention today, not because of what it does, but because of its hefty price tag: USD999.99, the highest price tag the Apple app store can accept.

Vizzywig 4K is a newly released app for the iPhone 5s that enables 4K video recording, editing, and distribution on the app itself.

Let’s take a step back to understand what 4K is. A High Definition TV with 1080p resolution is composed of two million pixels (1920 x 1080), while a 4K TV (also known as Ultra High Definition) has over eight million pixels (3840 x 2160). Therefore, 4K has around four times more resolution than 1080p and produces a clearer picture.


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Rather than capturing video, Vizzywig 4K app captures full 4K resolution photos at the rate of 24 photos per second along with synched audio. It then allows users to edit, add 4K transitions, titles, scrolling credits and background music and upload straight to YouTube in full 4K resolutions. You would need at least a iPhone 5s with 32GB or 64GB storage capacity to be able to support and process the video taken using the high powered app.

An Idea For The Future

So how was the idea conceived? Michael Zaletel the creator of Vizzywig, told TheBlaze Apple that he wanted to make it the most expensive app of all time. However, Apple wouldn’t grant him special permission to exceed its USD999.99 cost limit on apps, so he would have to settle with that price tag.

“A lot of people are going to think we’re kidding or that it’s a joke or a scam or that we’re making false claims and it couldn’t be further than the truth,” Zaletel told TheBlaze Appl. “We really believe what we created is unique and there isn’t anything else like it. Instead of looking at what consumers might pay, we said, what is this thing worth?

Michael is the creator of over 30 mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Some of his successful apps include the Fast Camera app, which is among the most popular iOS photo apps and has over 10 million yearly active users. He also created the famous Flashlight app, one of the the best selling iPhone utility of all-time with over 1.5 million copies sold.

“The reason I’m taking 4K videos of my kids is because my parents took VHS of me and it just looks like crap today,” Michael added. “The same thing is going to happen 20 years from now. We’re probably going to have 80 inch 4K TVs that fill our walls. When we go back to watch these videos, they’re going to look like really poor resolution.”

“One of the reasons it’s priced high is we don’t want people who don’t understand why it’s cool buying it and thinking that it’s like any other video app,” he said, explaining that people who don’t understand could easily shoot just three minutes of footage and completely fill their iPhone’s storage capacity.

Want to know how a 4K video would look like once it’s being produced by the Vizzywig 4K app? Watch this:

(Note: Change the resolution of the video to 4K by using the gear icon in the lower right-hand corner of the YouTube player. If you don’t do this, YouTube will default to a lower resolution.)

High Definition Photos And Videos Packed In One App

Another use case for the Vizzywig 4K app is that it captures high-quality still photos at a rate of 24 photos per second. Essentially, this means that a user could be shooting video and when they’re finished, each individual frame could still be pulled out as an individual photo.

“If you’re a reporter,” Michael offered an example to TheBlaze Apple, “and you’re on scene first at major breaking event and you just have your iPhone, if you shoot with Vizzywig 4K, you don’t have to decide to take photos or video. You get both.”

Other than getting a really powerful app, customers would also get Michael’s personal phone number and email address, so that customers can have direct and instant customer support anytime they want.

It’s the most expensive app one can get after all.

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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